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Date : 2-13-2019

Protecting Your Home and Your Family

Twenty years ago, home alarm systems were the vogue and anyone who could afford it, protected their home with one. The thing about conventional security systems like these is that they are expensive, messy and intrusive to install and require a good deal of maintenance to remain effective. Read more
Date : 2-6-2019

Smart Lighting

There has been much written about how smart lighting can be used as part of an seamless automated home setup to offer a smoother home experience, but what hasn’t been talked about so much are the associated benefits that come along with highly controllable smart LED lighting on us and our sleep patterns. Read more
Date : 1-30-2019

Choosing the Right Set Top Box (STB) for Your Smart Home Setup

At Sure Universal, we are the only company that offers software that allows you to control all of your IoT devices through one app that turns your STB into your smart home control panel and your phone into a smart, universal remote control. Read more
Date : 11-28-2018

The Importance of Smart Sensors in Home Automation

There are a thousand and one different home automation devices either already in existence or being developed as we speak.
From smart light bulbs to smart security cameras to smart speakers, there’s something for every home function possible...or at least there will be soon. Whilst these intelligent pieces of kit are amazing, they wouldn’t be able to do their jobs without the unsung heroes of the home automation world - smart sensors. Read more



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