Date : 2-24-2019

What Are the Leading Wireless Standards for IoT?

In order to make IoT possible, devices need a common language they can use to communicate with each other. In this article, we will explore the leading wireless standards that are providing smart devices with the ability to seamlessly connect and communicate as well as explain how they work.  Read more
Date : 5-23-2018

What Are the Popular Internet of Things Standard and Protocols of IoT?

Let's look at some of the most popular protocols and the connectivity for internet of things. Read more
Date : 5-16-2018

What is IR and What Devices are Available?

Infrared (or IR) is a longstanding part of our electronic technology. It works in a simple way. You push a button on an IR remote which makes the LED flash. The receiver on the device translates the LED's light pulses into commands. That makes the device play a song or change a TV channel.
Read more
Date : 5-2-2018

What is Zigbee and What Devices are Available?

Zigbee is a significant factor to smart home. From secured communication between devices to energy-efficient, this mesh network makes one viable language of IoT. Read more
Date : 4-17-2018

What is Z-Wave and What Devices are Available?

Two protocols have emerged to dominate the mesh network space – ZigBee and Z-Wave. Let's explore Z-Wave and its devices. Read more



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