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Date : 12-13-2017

11 Movies and TV Shows to Watch This Christmas on Netflix

Hand-picked selection of movies and TV shows you will enjoy streaming over Christmas on Netflix. Read more
Date : 8-2-2017

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) as the New Standard

What is Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and is it really the “New Standard”? Read more
Date : 5-24-2017

Smart TV Buyer’s Guide

Buying a new smart TV can be a confusing experience. With all of the technical specifications and unfamiliar features, how do you choose the right TV for you? Read more
Date : 5-17-2017

Roku User Guide

Wondering how to set up your new Roku? This Roku user guide will walk you through the process and give tips to get the most out of your new media streamer. Read more
Date : 4-5-2017

Remotes 101 – How Do IR Remotes Actually Work?

Remotes: the mysterious devices that are always disappearing. Find out how they actually work and how you can simplify your life by getting rid of them. Read more
Date : 11-29-2016

7 Best Holiday Movies You Can Watch on Netflix

There’s no better way to get into the Christmas spirit than by watching the 7 best holiday movies that you can stream right now on Netflix! Read more
Date : 9-20-2016

4 Must-Watch TV Shows For The Upcoming Fall 2016 Season

The anticipation is over – Fall is here and we’ve rounded up the best must-watch TV shows this season just for you! Read more
Date : 8-1-2016

4 Great Fitness Apps That Are All About Fun

We found 4 great fitness apps That will make your routine so much fun that you could find yourself wanting to work out two or even three times a day! Read more
Date : 7-25-2016

Top 4 Travel Apps for Your Summer Getaway

If you think being on vacation means putting everything on credit, think again. Check out these four travel apps for your next travel destination. Read more
Date : 7-12-2016

4 Unique Ways to Never Lose Your Remote Again

Going crazy always searching for the remote? Never lose your remote again with these 4 new and unique ways to keep track of it. Read more
Date : 6-21-2016

5 Bad Habits You Are Probably Committing With Your Smartphone

It’s time to brush up on your smartphone etiquette and see if you are guilty of any of these bad habits. Read more
Date : 6-14-2016

5 Clever Android Features You May Not Have Tried Yet

Check out these 5 clever Android features you may not have tried yet. Read more
Date : 6-6-2016

The Best Old Classic Movies To Watch During Summer Days

Feeling Nostalgic for the old good classic movies? If so, grab your popcorn, sit back and let’s bring up the good memories. Read more
Date : 5-30-2016

The Top 5 Productivity Apps For Getting Things Done

Trying to be more productive and getting your to do list done? We found the top productivity apps to help you organize your day. Read more
Date : 5-24-2016

5 Homemade Snacks Recipes for Summer Movie Nights

Summer movie nights are always a great pleasure. Combining it with delicious snacks recipes is even greater! Read more
Date : 5-17-2016

Planning a Road Trip? Don't Forget These 8 Tech Essentials

Read more
Date : 4-5-2016

Five Best Movie Trilogies and Series to Binge Watch

We Found the Best Movie Trilogies to Help You Relax! Read more
Date : 3-8-2016

Which Media Streamer Should You Buy?

Looking to Purchase a Media Streamer? Not Sure Which One? Read more
Date : 1-26-2016

3 Important Tips You Must Know Before Buying a Smart TV

Read more
Date : 1-19-2016

How to Build Your Own Home Theater System

Read more
Date : 12-23-2015

6 Most Popular Movies to Watch During the Holidays

Read more
Date : 12-15-2015

Lifesaving Apps to Keep You Sane During the Holidays

Read more
Date : 11-24-2015

3 Reasons to Ditch Your Remote Controls for Good

Do you sometimes feel you have too many remotes lying around the house? Read more
Date : 11-17-2015

10 Easy Ways to Convince Your Mate to Watch Your TV Show

Here’s 10 Easy Ways to Convince Your Mate Your Show is Better Read more
Date : 3-16-2015

The Smart Solution to the Lost Remote Control ­

Read more
Date : 9-22-2014

One Easy Mobile App to Replace all Remotes

Read more



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