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Date : 4-16-2019

How IoT may help during your Easter egg hunt

While it’s hard to believe that the Easter egg hunt could get even better, IoT stands to change the way we hunt for those infamous eggs.  Read more
Date : 2-20-2019

Making Parenting Easier With Smart Home Technology

Sit back, put the comforter down for a second and read on as we take you through a few IoT Gadget that can take some of the worry and stress out of taking care of a child. Read more
Date : 9-26-2018

Smart Buildings and Their Benefits

In the modern online age we live in, the built environment is able to support us in our daily lives like never before and central to this new paradigm are smart buildings. Intelligent sensors can now be integrated into a building’s infrastructure for the purpose of collecting data and providing significant improvements in building services and how we interact with them. Read more
Date : 9-16-2018

Skyworth Digital and SURE Universal Announce a Pioneering Smart Home IoT Solution for Broadband Operators

Skyworth Digital and SURE Universal Announce a Pioneering Smart Home IoT Solution for Broadband Operators
Complete, standard-compliant solution Read more
Date : 8-15-2018

Internet of Things - What to Expect from Smart Cities

Smart technology and the internet of things (IoT) are becoming ever more popular in the modern world, appearing in more and more parts of our everyday lives. So fast is the development of this technology that there is a very real probability that Smart Cities will be with us before we know it.
Read more
Date : 6-27-2018

Top IoT Tech to Help You Sleep

Stress. Snoring. Allergies. A young family. There are many reasons you might not get enough sleep. And you're not alone. Over a third of American adults struggle to get enough shuteye. Read more
Date : 11-22-2017

6 Ways to Use Home Automations for Thanksgiving

Save time and energy this Thanksgiving by using simple home automation. Smart technology will help you have the best holidays yet. Read more
Date : 11-8-2017

The Top 7 Smart Home Devices of 2017

Best picks to start building out your smart home system. These smart devices made life easier for their owners in 2017, making their homes a little smarter. Read more
Date : 10-31-2017

6 Movies and TV Shows You Must Watch This Halloween on Netflix

Halloween is the time of year when we dress up as ghouls and ghosts, eat more candy than we should, and scare ourselves silly. Fond of treating instead of tricking? Binge-watching horror on Netflix might be right up your alley. Read more
Date : 9-27-2017

Is Virtual Reality (VR) Becoming More Mainstream?

VR focuses on making the digital world seem real by providing interactive experiences. Let’s explore all the new possibilities using VR. Read more
Date : 9-18-2017

How the Educational System is Becoming "Smart"

Smart technology gives access to learning resources for students, thus offering opportunities at both ends of the user experience.
Let's look at how these new devices and platforms can help higher education. Read more



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