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Date : 4-16-2019

How IoT may help during your Easter egg hunt

While it’s hard to believe that the Easter egg hunt could get even better, IoT stands to change the way we hunt for those infamous eggs.  Read more
Date : 8-1-2018

A Beginners Guide to a Home Automation System

With the increasing popular concept of home automation or Internet of Things (IoT), the possibilities of smart home technology are pretty limitless and represent a real breakthrough. Read more
Date : 6-20-2018

Top IoT Gadgets to Help with Spring Cleaning

For those that despise house cleaning, these gadgets will facilitate your chores. Not only are they cost effective, they are also time efficient. Implementing these IoT gadgets will  enable you to connect remotely to your smart devices making life much easier. Read more
Date : 3-21-2018

5 Best Smart Devices for Your Garden in 2018

Improve your gardening skills by using smart gardening devices. Read more
Date : 12-27-2017

The Beginner's Guide to Getting Started with IoT in 2018

More and more devices connect with the internet but where should you start with the IoT?
Here is a beginner's guide to help you understand what IoT means. Read more
Date : 12-6-2017

The 7 Best Smart Home Gadgets to Get Your Dad for Christmas

Holiday gift shopping can be challenging, getting the right Christmas gift for your dad even more. So why not indulge his inner child with a new smart toy to play with? Our recommendations for this year's smart home gifts below! Read more
Date : 11-8-2017

The Top 7 Smart Home Devices of 2017

Best picks to start building out your smart home system. These smart devices made life easier for their owners in 2017, making their homes a little smarter. Read more
Date : 10-18-2017

The 6 Best IoT Products for Kids and Little Ones

From safety wearables, to kid-friendly hardware kits,the Internet of Things helps us integrate these devices into our daily routine. Read more
Date : 10-10-2017

The Ultimate Guide to Smart Devices for Students

Students gear up! Whether you want to keep fit, stay entertained, or keep on top of your workload, here are some smart devices that can ease your university term. Read more
Date : 9-27-2017

Is Virtual Reality (VR) Becoming More Mainstream?

VR focuses on making the digital world seem real by providing interactive experiences. Let’s explore all the new possibilities using VR. Read more
Date : 9-18-2017

How the Educational System is Becoming "Smart"

Smart technology gives access to learning resources for students, thus offering opportunities at both ends of the user experience.
Let's look at how these new devices and platforms can help higher education. Read more
Date : 9-13-2017

iRobot and the Smart Home

Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM) technology. Find out what that mapping technology could mean for the future of the smart home. Read more
Date : 8-23-2017

Do You Know the Smart Devices Privacy Issues?

All technology has the potential for security and privacy concerns. Let’s investigate some of the potential privacy issues associated with smart devices. Read more



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