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Date : 10-3-2018

The Pursuit of the Smart City

Despite the fact that the modern day paradigm of the Smart City is part of our everyday parlance, the exact nature of what they represent is still a little unclear.
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Date : 8-15-2018

Internet of Things - What to Expect from Smart Cities

Smart technology and the internet of things (IoT) are becoming ever more popular in the modern world, appearing in more and more parts of our everyday lives. So fast is the development of this technology that there is a very real probability that Smart Cities will be with us before we know it.
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Date : 2-5-2018

Amsterdam: The Smart City of Tomorrow

Amsterdam, the smart city expands the use of IoT technology. In 2015, the city launched a dedicated IoT network nevertheless this will take time before the city is truly "smart." Read more



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