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Date : 10-23-2019

Exactly How Fast Does Your Internet Connection Need to Be For Home Automation?

The emergence of more and more IoT devices on the market means a whole new world of possibilities for home automation, however, the more you plug into our home network, the more pressure it puts on your broadband connection. Read more
Date : 3-6-2019

IoT Device Security

The Internet of Things (IoT) is widely considered to be one of the most innovative technological movements in recent years. As cyber attacks are a more prevalent threat, IoT security is becoming a higher priority for both users and device manufacturers. With billions of IoT devices now in existence, we must take steps to secure them. Read more
Date : 2-27-2019

LPWAN or Cellular? Which IoT Connectivity is Best?

Due to the specific nuanced differences and requirements from sector to sector, understanding the options available is paramount to make the right choice. Internet of Things (IoT) networks need to exist over reliable comms infrastructure, which is something that both provide to varying degrees. Read more
Date : 2-24-2019

What Are the Leading Wireless Standards for IoT?

In order to make IoT possible, devices need a common language they can use to communicate with each other. In this article, we will explore the leading wireless standards that are providing smart devices with the ability to seamlessly connect and communicate as well as explain how they work.  Read more
Date : 2-10-2019

Applying Preventive Maintenance to the Smart Home

IoT devices such as sensors are being utilized alongside comprehensive analytics to detect and prevent problems with machinery before they even occur. Read more
Date : 1-30-2019

Choosing the Right Set Top Box (STB) for Your Smart Home Setup

At Sure Universal, we are the only company that offers software that allows you to control all of your IoT devices through one app that turns your STB into your smart home control panel and your phone into a smart, universal remote control. Read more
Date : 1-23-2019

IoT and How It’s Set to Revolutionise Education for Everyone

In recent years, Internet of Things (IoT) technology has pervaded all areas of civilian and commercial life, changing the very nature of how we work, learn and play. Here we take a look at just some of the ways that IoT hardware is going to augment learning for us all. Read more
Date : 10-31-2018

The Critical Challenges Security Challenges the IoT Industry Faces

For the Internet of Things (IoT) to achieve its full potential, there are a number of challenges to be overcome, not least being that of keeping networks and the connected smart devices secure. Read more
Date : 9-26-2018

Smart Buildings and Their Benefits

In the modern online age we live in, the built environment is able to support us in our daily lives like never before and central to this new paradigm are smart buildings. Intelligent sensors can now be integrated into a building’s infrastructure for the purpose of collecting data and providing significant improvements in building services and how we interact with them. Read more
Date : 9-12-2018

IoT Ecosystem Platform

When we talk about an IoT ecosystem, we refer to the entire picture of the the IoT world and its reach into every facet of our lives, be it in business, in the home or whilst you’re walking down the street. The systems involved are becoming ever more sophisticated and this ecosystem is having more and more of an influence on everything we do. Read more
Date : 8-22-2018

Common Problems Associated with IoT and Connectivity in Smart Homes

Over the next decade, it is believed that more than 75 billion IoT devices will be used in Smart Homes around the world. Whilst this is likely to provide a smoother home experience for many, there are a number of common connectivity issues that those using the technology in the home will need to be aware of and how they can be circumvented. Read more
Date : 3-14-2018

Will the IoT Change Marketing?

Let's look at the ways the IoT might change marketing including using data collected by sensors, more data that leads to more development, better data that leads to better customer service. Read more



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