Skyworth and SURE Universal have already completed a proof of concept for a smart home solution

March 27, 2019

Skyworth and SURE Universal have already completed a proof of concept for a smart home solution

TEL-AVIV, Israel, March 26, 2019 – It was announced that Skyworth Digital Ltd., the world’s largest Set-Top Box manufacturer, and SURE Universal Ltd., a leading IoT software company, will receive funding for a joint development project as part of the Shenzhen-Israel R&D Cooperation Program. The collaboration will not only involve the implementation of all the leading IoT communication protocols and provide software bridging, but will also integrate the latest voice AI assistant with intelligent speech control operation.

In 2011, China and Israel signed a bilateral agreement to offer grants for joint research and development projects involving at least one company from Shenzhen and one company from Israel. The goal of the program is to encourage cooperation in the development of products or processes that have the potential to generate revenue in the international market.

This collaboration between the two industry piooneers appears to be a match made in heaven. SURE’s software platform combined with Skyworth’s hardware and distribution channels has the potential to improve both companies’ ability to penetrate the IoT market space as well as produce strong relationships and complementary overlap. Skyworth and SURE have already completed a proof of concept for a smart home solution. The continued cooperation between the two entities will deliver the most advanced IoT solutions not only for smart homes and operators, but also provide a stable infrastructure that can be used for smart education and smart health.

“Skyworth Digital has successfully set up an innovative ecological system that includes “platform, content, terminal, and applications using on-online data, said the company’s Chief Technology Officer, Steve Long. “This collaboration in conjunction with our pre-established system will allow us to continue to innovate”, he added.

“We are thrilled to work with Skyworth on this joint project which will provide both companies’ customers and partners with a comprehensive smart home solution using our OCF standard compliant software platform as well as their industry leading Set-Top Boxes”, said Dr. Viktor Ariel, CEO of SURE Universal.


About Skyworth Digital

The Shenzhen Skyworth Digital Technology Co. Ltd (“Skyworth Digital”) is the world’s leading Set-Top Box manufacturer. In addition to digital and OTT STBs, they provide their customers with a variety of products and services including IPTV solutions, smart networking devices and network access devices. They have demonstrated a great commitment to providing end users and operators with a comprehensive entertainment solution. Learn more at

About SURE Universal

SURE Universal Ltd. is a pioneer in the software IoT market. The company has developed a complete software-defined IoT solution that enables the interoperability of smart devices no matter the brand or manufacturer. SURE was the first software platform to receive certification from the Open Connectivity Foundation (OCF). OCF, an IoT consortium established by the largest home appliance corporations, seeks to facilitate the interoperability of different IoT vendor appliances and smart devices, regardless of brand. Learn more at