The SURE Platform for Smart Remote HealthCare

Complete, Connected, Configurable

The Sure platform is a medical data collection management system which provides the healthcare professionals with a fully automated system to remotely monitor the patient’s vital signs in a real time.

Affordable, Connected Remote HealthCare

The SURE platform directly addresses the urgent need to deliver affordable, connected remote healthcare at home for the elderly, COVID-19 and chronically-ill patients, as well as enabling an efficient continuous monitoring solution in hospital.

The platform integrates with pre-selected and/or off-the-shelf, affordable healthcare IoT devices for continuous or one-time monitoring tailored to patients’ needs. Caregivers can remotely diagnose, monitor and manage patient’s health easily as well as quickly contact and respond to abnormal events.

Your Complete, Connected Remote Care Solution

Sure Thing

SURE Thing:

Tailor care with off-the-shelf, affordable medical devices

SURE Remote

SURE Remote:

Control devices easily with our smartphone universal remote (android/IOS)

SURE Portal

SURE Portal:

Manage remote patient care easily and proactively with our intuitive software

SURE Cloud

SURE Cloud:

Automate care with smart medical alerts & quickly respond with telemedicine consultation

Tailored Care Plans

Harness off-the-shelf, affordable medical devices through our hardware agnostic platform to personalize remote care plans

Peace of Mind for Patients and Care Givers

Diagnose, monitor, manage and respond to patient’s and loved one’s health in real-time with our complete, connected, smart platform

Intelligent Remote Care

Enable smart diagnostics and monitoring with automated medical emergency alerts (e.g. falls) and abnormal event detection using predictive analytics and artificial intelligence

Telemedicine Made Easy

At the click of a button easily communicate results to patients or respond to events through our integrated video and voice telemedicine capabilities

SURE Platform Advantages

Ease of Use

For Patients, Care Providers and Hospitals

Real Time

Unique low-latency technology

Device Agnostic

A range of homologated devices, and more


Protocol-compliant standard connections

Cost efficient

Low-cost SaaS model