How to Import Shared Devices

How to Import Shared Devices

Once a user has shared their devices with you, you will receive an email from prompting you to import them.

If you have not yet installed the app, you may download it here and learn how to create a SURE account here.

After you have opened the SURE app on your smartphone or tablet and logged into your account, please follow the steps below.

1.Tap the 3 vertical dots in the top right corner of the screen


2. Select “My Account”


3. Select “Import Shared Devices”.

If you are not yet logged in to your account you will be prompted to do so. You can learn how to create a SURE account here.


4. You can now select the device remotes that you would like to import.

To easily select all devices, press the double check mark icon, or select each device individually.


5. Once you are ready press the “Import” button.


6. Congratulations! You can now enjoy using your new saved remotes.


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