How to Add Traditional IR (Infrared) devices

How to Add Traditional IR (Infrared) devices

Step-by-Step Instructions to Add Traditional Infrared Devices to Your SURE Universal Remote

The SURE Universal Remote supports both WiFi and IR devices. SURE can be downloaded on all Android smartphones, such as: Samsung, LG, Huawei, Xiaomi, etc. Once you have downloaded the SURE Universal Remote control you may watch this short training video, or you may read the step-by-step instructions below to learn how to add your devices:



1. From the “All Devices” screen tap the “+” symbol in the upper left of the screen

2. Select “Add New Device”

or for first time users you can just tap the “Add Device” button

3. You  need to select whether the device you are adding will run with WiFi or Infrared (IR). In this case IR

Here we are adding a smart LG TV.


4. Select the Device Type. This can be your TV, set-top box, media streamer, air conditioner, sound bar, disc player, etc.

5. Select the Device Brand. SURE has an extensive brand database. We support anything from Samsung, LG, and Sony to Haier. If we are missing your brand please let us know via this form.


6. Please wait for a few seconds while we search for all the devices that meet the criteria. *Make sure that you are connected to WiFi to access all the remotes from the SURE Cloud – after you add the remote you will no longer need WiFi to use it.

7. Our database is very large and in order to find your specific model we need to run a test. This is very simple.

a. Take a note of how many tests are next to the “Remote” above the test buttons. (This is the maximum number of tests you need to run until we find your device) b. Click the “Power On” button to check if this is your device c. If your device switches on check the other buttons such as Volume Up, Volume Down etc. and if everything works click “Success! Save Remote” d. If not, click “No, Next Test” and return to “b” above and keep running each test until the device responds to all the buttons

Congratulations! Your remote will appear as below:

You can now rename your remote if you wish and continue adding more IR devices, or you can add WiFi devices. If you have multiple devices that you use together, such as a home cinema, you can set these up in one SURE Group. This will enable you to turn them all on and off with one click. Enjoy!

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