How to Add Air Conditioners

How to Add Air Conditioners

How to Add Your Air Conditioner

Step-by-Step Instructions to Add Your Air Conditioner to SURE Universal Remote

Once you have downloaded the SURE Universal Remote app you may watch this short training video, or you may read the step-by-step instructions below to learn how to add your air conditioner:

1. From the “All Devices” screen tap the “+” symbol in the upper left of the screen

LG TV Remote

2. Select “Add New Device”

3. Select “Air Conditioner”

Device Type List
4. Select the Device Brand. (If your brand is missing please run a full AC Remote scan of all our air conditioner remotes as one could work for your air conditioner)

AC Brand List
5. Please wait as additional remotes are loaded from the SURE Cloud.

*Make sure that you are connected to WiFi to access them all – after you add the remote you will no longer need WiFi to use it.

Loading AC remotes

6. Now test if the remote works for your air conditioner.

a. Click the “Power On” button to check if this is your device
b. If your device switches on check the other buttons such as Fan High, Fan Low, Mode Cool, Mode Heat and if everything works click “Success! Save Remote”
c. If not, click “No, Next Test” and return to “b” above and keep running each test until the device responds to all the buttons

Test AC


Once you have tried all the remotes available and none of them work for your air conditioner, click the “Try Complete AC Scan” button and follow the instructions here.

7. Congratulations! Your remote will now appear as below:

AC remote

You can now rename your remote if you wish and continue adding more devices. Enjoy!

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