Smart Technology Wearables of the Future

Date : 9-20-2018

Smart Tech Wearable Trends to Watch

If you’d asked people 20 years ago what personal technology would be like today, you more than likely wouldn’t have had many right answers.

It would have seemed like the stuff of science fiction if you’d told people they would be able to buy a watch that acts as a phone, a workout tracker AND a device for telling the time. However, that’s what has come to pass, which beggars the question of what things will be like in terms of wearable smart technology in another decade or two.

Let’s take a look at just some of the possibilities.

Vibrating Navigation Clothing?

It’s not inconceivable that in the future, wearable tech will have developed to the point where your clothes are able to vibrate to alert you when you’ve taken a wrong turn on your route to your destination. Perhaps new waves of smart fabrics will be able to connect to the extensive WiFi network within a town or city to tell when you’ve deviated from the route you entered into whatever device is used as a personal sat nav. It sounds like Sci Fi, but the technology exists today, so who knows?

Battery Charging Shoes?

We already have kinetic watches that keep themselves charged using the movement of our arms, so it’s not too much of a leap to think that our shoes could use this same kinetic energy to charge our mobile as we walked. This will mean you’d never have to worry about getting access to a power socket on your journey, as you journey itself will be able to be exploited to produce abundant, renewable power for your personal tech.

Bio Measuring Glasses?

Or what about eyeglasses that do far more than just improve the eyesight of the wearer? Glasses that look like any other could monitor your heart rate, blood oxygen or even glucose levels. This information could then be communicated wirelessly to medical establishments in case of emergency. This kind of tech could be used not only for health conscious people who want to closely monitor their health, but as a life saver for those with health conditions such as diabetes or angina.

Contact Lenses With inbuilt Personal Assistants?

We could even be looking at smart devices that are integrated into contact lenses, so that you need never lose or forget to take your phone with you again. It will simply be something that is worn wherever you go ensuring a seamless technological experience that links into the smart city or town its used in.

The possibilities for adapting smart technology that can be worn are pretty limitless and only time will tell exactly what the future has in store for us all. It’s going to be interesting finding out, that’s for sure!

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At Sure Universal, we are leading exponents in current Smart technology and our IoT software platform solutions are amongst the most comprehensive on the market, adhering as they do to all know industry standards. We are well prepared for the expected explosion of the IoT and Smart Tech over the coming years.

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