Z-Wave Devices

Get started on your home automation with Z-wave wireless technology. From lights to sensors, here are some of Z-waves smart home products that will help you control various aspects of your home.
Note: The following links show products as per European frequency standard.
Make sure all your products are on the same frequency level as per your country’s regulation.

Create your own Z-Wave gateway using readily available home automation software. Your Z-Wave network at your own pace and within your own budget.

Wireless IP camera, HD, 960p with IR cut filter. Motorized (Pan / Tilt / Zoom) with 3x optical zoom

With length adjustable Cylinder. Easy installation on any kind of door. Management of guests with 3 separate levels of access

Battery-powered Z-Wave magnetic contact door/window sensor

The first security sensor of its kind designed to be minimal, invisible and paintable. Easily installed. Compatible with all certified Z-Wave gateways

6-in-1: motion, humidity, temperature, light lux, UV, vibration sensor

Can be easily and safely installed by licensed electricians. Easy to integrate. Easy to install. Easy to operate. Easy to dim. Led bulb removes all the compatibility issues that are a part of other Z-Wave lighting solutions.

Smart plug with real-time energy metering and surge protection. LED ring changes color to reflect On/Off status or energy usage

Zwave certificated, compatible with third party system. Full line models, CN, EU, UK, FR, US plugs are available. Power consumption monitoring, current, voltage, and power consumption., etc

Water Sensor 6 silently monitors areas of your home at risk of water and then taking action when the worst occurs.

Heiman Z-Wave Wireless Water Leakage Detector and Flood Alarm

Protect your home and your safety with Z-Wave. Siren Gen5 lets you add 210 lumen strobe light and 106dB siren alerts to your Z-Wave home control system. Anti-tamper and power-out protect keeps the siren online even when your power isn't courtesy of Siren Gen5's inbuilt, 430 mAh backup battery. Built upon Gen5 and Z-Wave Plus, Aeotec's Siren Gen5 offers customisation and configuration via Z-Wave including different tones for different emergencies, adjustment of the decibles to be quieter or louder, and use of Siren Gen5 as a door chime. Z-Wave Plus certified, Siren Gen5 is compatible with certified Z-Wave gateways and software including Fibaro, HomeSeer, Indigo for Mac, openHAB, Piper, Samsung SmartThings, Mios Vera, and Wink.

Volume: 95 dB. Backup battery. Easy installation

Can control open/close/pause/scene. Support DC power supply. Support all Z-wave sub-1 GHz frequency bands and compatible with all Z-wave certified Gateways

Detects smoke and visible particles which result from a smoldering fire Volume of the alarm: 85 dB / 3m

Various Heiman Smart Home Z-Wave devices: sensors, siren and socket

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