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Learn how SURE Universal’s comprehensive remote care platform can help drive better health outcomes, reduce costs, and improve service offerings for HMOs, hospitals and telecom operators.

For HMOs


Effectively Shift Care from the Hospital to the Home

SURE Universal enables HMOs to safely and effectively shift patient care from the hospitals to the home.  Clinicians and caregivers can save time, reduce infection risk and keep chronically ill, elderly and pediatric patient populations out of the hospitals and clinics, by providing remote routine check-ups and monitoring.

By leveraging affordable, hospital-grade, off-the-shelf one-time and continuous monitoring capabilities with automatic event detection and alerts, SURE Universal can help lower costs and drive health outcomes, while tailoring remote care plans. Our white-labelled solution further increases brand engagement.

For Hospitals


Reduce Medical Resource Strains and Costs

SURE Universal allows hospitals to reduce strain on services, lower costs and support earlier recognition of patient deterioration. Our white-labelled, affordable end-to-end solution can be configured as a smart continuous patient monitoring solution to deliver personalized care in hospitals.

The platform helps off-load routine measurements from nurses to drive efficiencies and is fully adaptable to support COVID-19 patients. Leveraging automated alerts and smart event detection capabilities (e.g. for ECG & breathing), hospitals can use our medical portal, health IOT gateway and video/voice communication to better manage and keep high-risk patients out of emergency rooms in hospitals.

Home Care providers


SURE Universal enables Home Care Providers to expand their service offering and leapfrog competitors with the most comprehensive smart home healthcare solution.


Combining our smart, end-to-end software platform with medical-grade off-the-shelf devices and your brand, enables operators to capture new customers, drive customer retention and quickly and easily launch customized services.