Easily Tailor HealthCare for Better Living

Learn how SURE Universal’s flexible, affordable, end-to-end remote care platform can tailor solutions to improve health and wellbeing, while giving peace of mind to caregivers and patients.

Continuous Patient Monitoring Is Now A Reality

SURE Universal provides a flexible, end-to-end continuous patient monitoring solution for hospitals to help reduce strain on services, lower costs and support earlier recognition of patient deterioration.

SURE’s white-labelled, third Party smart connected technology integrates a hospital-grade one-time and continuous monitoring devices, alongside pre-selected hospital vital-sign devices to deliver truly connected and personalized care.

Enabling Comprehensive Remote Care
for COVID19 Patients

SURE Universal supports hospitals and clinics to both reduce the spread of COVID-19 as well as better manage medical resources by reducing patient visits to clinics and emergency rooms.  Our end-to-end, continuous remote care solution helps hospitals keep suspected coronavirus patients not requiring hospitalization, at home, as well as deliver the best of care to COVID-19 patients post hospitalization. 

Hospitals and clinics can harness the SURE Universal platform to deliver virtual COVID-19 exams and diagnosis, alongside real-time vital-sign continuous monitoring all from the home.   Leveraging artificial intelligence, the SURE platform detects abnormal events, raises alarms and sends alerts to caregivers, who can efficiently monitor and communicate with patients to ensure a rapid real-time response, whilst keeping safe from afar.