Spring Cleaning Tip: This Year Remove All Your Remotes

Date : 5-5-2015

Spring Cleaning Tip: This Year Remove All Your Remotes

The tulips are poking their heads through the soil, birds are flying about and you can’t stop sneezing.

spring cleaning (c) Can Stock Photo It could only mean two things – your seasonal allergies are back and that dreaded time has come again – spring cleaning time. As much as you hate to admit it, this is actually a good thing because from the inside, your house could use a good cleaning with all the dirt and dust everywhere and those annoying remotes scattered around the house. Too bad all your gadgets all come with extra remotes that could easily fill a box. But, with a digital problem, comes a digital solution. So, our spring cleaning tip for this year is use your smartphone to help you spring clean your house.

Do We Really Need These Extra Remotes?

Raise your hand if you have a cable box remote and a Smart TV remote? How about a AV receiver, media streamer and remotes for your music center? Today, houses are filled with neat devices that make our lives easier or more efficient. But, pretty soon your house becomes cluttered with all the remotes these appliances and gadgets need. Make this year the year to remove these remotes. Toss your TV remotes and your disc player remote. If you have a home cinema get rid of those remotes as well.

Why Should We Toss Out Your Extra Remotes?

Aside from them taking over your house, extra remotes can cause problems in families and can make for some annoying circumstances:

1. Your Kids Fight Over the Remotes

Is this a daily occurrence in your home? Your daughter has the remote and is about to change the channel to her favorite show when your son snatches if from her grip and changes the chancel to his favorite show. Let the boxing match begin. arguing over remotes

2. Your Dog Thinks It’s a Toy

No matter what size your dog is or what breed they are, dogs just love remotes. Maybe it’s the soft buttons or the hard plastic, if they find the remote before you can, say goodbye to your little remote friend.

3. They Slip Behind the Back of the Sofa

It’s the classic place to find the TV remote when it’s gone missing – behind the cushions of your couch. And it doesn’t matter if you’ve already looked behind the back of your couch because TV remotes often wedge themselves in all sorts of sofa nooks and crannies. Now, if only they made a cushion remote, or a giant remote that never gets lost

4. They Disappear

You’ve had a long day at work and all you want to do is relax and maybe watch the news, catch up on some gossip, or check out the latest sports scores. But, as you settle in, you realize you have no idea where your remote is. The lost remote sabotages your relaxing evening and you end up spending the night on all fours looking under furniture and toys for the lost remote. You’re convinced it’s disappeared to some alternate universe. remotes disappear

5. They Don’t Work Just When You Need Them To

Nowadays, remotes are too complicated. To access the menu you have to press three buttons or to cancel a show or you have to remember which button takes you to your menu. And good luck if you press the wrong button on your remote. Your TV stops playing and goes blank. You end up spending forty minutes talking to the cable man before everything is finally back to normal.

6. The Batteries Run Out Just When the Shops are Closed

Just when you decide to give your house a vacuum with your iRobot it gets stuck under the sofa and you discover the batteries on the remote have run out. You have no spares and the local store is closed. You break your back trying to roll up the rug and move the sofa to dislodge the iRobot. A stubbed toe and a stream of profanities later, you manage to release it.

Let Your Phone Help You Out

So, now that you spring cleaned your entire house and trashed all your extra remotes, what do you do? Luckily for you, Tekoia has the answer: the SURE Universal Remote app. Nearly every one of the devices mentioned can be controlled from your smartphone with the SURE Universal Remote app. So, you no longer need all those remotes cluttering your house. And, your kids will have to find another reason to fight, but at least you can watch TV in peace while they fight. Don’t forget about your dog too; they will need to find something else to chew on instead of the remote (let’s hope it’s not your favorite pair of shoes!). So, make sure before you tackle any spring cleaning to download our app. To get you started on your to-do list, check out our infographic. infographic spring cleaning with remote

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