7 Fun Activities For Kids During The Summer Vacation

Date : 5-3-2016

7 Fun Activities For Kids During The Summer Vacation

Looking for ways to keep the kids entertained during the summer? We found seven awesome summer activities you can try out with them!

For kids, it’s the most wonderful time of the year – summer. But, for parents, it might mean changing your schedule, booking camps, finding babysitters or racking your brain for activities to keep your kids busy for the day. We here at Tekoia love innovation, technology and fun. That’s why we came up with seven awesome summer activities you can try out with your kids. It will keep them busy, happy and nag-free for a good hour or more.

1. Apple and Microsoft Summer Camp

Apple Microsoft Camp Summer Activities For Kids

Apple Microsoft Camp Summer Activities For Kids

You keep telling your child to get off the iPad or to stop spending their time on social media day after day. Well, instead of having them go cold-turkey and stop using technology all together, why not put them in a tech-focused summer camp run by Apple or Microsoft? These free summer camps are multi-day workshops where they teach small children 8-12 years of age how to use digital creation tools. In the past they have run Stories in Motion with iMovie and Interactive Storytelling with iBooks. To find out when the 2016 camp schedule starts, sign up here.

2. Cardboard Creations

All kids love cardboard. Nine times out of ten, little ones would rather play with the box than the toy, right? Well, all over Pinterest – and online – you can find DIY cardboard creations that you can make together with your children. From dinosaur footprints out of tissue boxes to cardboard spaceships, anything and everything can be made from cardboard. So, hold onto old boxes and have your child help you come up with some fun creations to make.

3. Pool Noodle Fun

Need a quick activity to keep your kids busy for hours on end? Why not create a pool noodle obstacle course? With some pool noodles, stakes, glue, and beanbags you can create a play center in your backyard. Here are a few more pool noodle creations you can make:

4. Teach Your Child to Cook

Does your child like to get messy? Well why not direct that creativeness with some online cooking shows? For older kids, learning to cook kid-inspired recipes can keep them entertained for hours each day. Charli’s Crafty Kitchen features Charli and her little sister Ashlee. Some of their popular recipes include:

5. Mess-Free Finger Painting

What’s the one thing that happens when kids play? Something usually spills or breaks or gets smushed. While you can’t tell your children to not play or to not make a mess, you can have mess-free activities on hand. Try this no-mess finger painting activity. Squirt some finger paint into a Ziploc bag, squeeze the air out and let your child go at it.

6. Printable Activity Books

 Printable Activity Books For Kids

Printable Activity Books For Kids

An easy way to always ensure a nag-free afternoon is to print off some activity booklets for your children. They can take them to restaurants, outside, to the park or even just have fun with them while they’re at home. Try a variety of different activities including mazes, word searches, coloring pages, counting and spelling games, and some drawing pages. For the little kids, just some coloring pages and blank pages for stickers is enough to keep them occupied for a while. For some ready-made activity booklets, go to Color Cut and Create.

7. Have Some App Fun

Fun Actives For Kids Apps

Fun Actives For Kids Apps

Since your children are probably already tech-savvy, why not download some cool apps for them? From educational apps like Cookie Monster’s Challenge to fun apps like SmackTalk, you won’t hear your child say for the tenth time, how board he is. Some of our top picks for child-friendly apps are:

  • Habitat – Adopt a polar bear and keep him alive by completing a series of tasks.
  • Crazy Gears – Have your child engage in some critical thinking and let them have fun with this gear-themed puzzle. This is a paid app.
  • FunBrain – An app with numbers and patterns and engaging games for hours of fun.

You Can Relax

Now that your child’s day is taken care of, what’s left for you? Maybe you’ll have time to read that book you’ve wanted to read for the past three months. Or, you can finally pick up a hobby or two to try. Maybe you just want to relax. If relaxing is in your itinerary this summer, make sure to use our SURE Universal to watch your favorite shows and movies while your kids are happy, busy and having fun. Also don’t forget to take lots of photos during the summer and use your SURE Universal to stream them to your smart TV. Over to you – what activities do you have lined up for your kids this summer?

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  1. Fahad Ejaz says:

    Great article, I personally had quite great experience with Nordic International School (http://nordicinternationalschool.pk/). Its run directly by Swedish faculty, one of the best pre school in Lahore in my opinion. They are also offering summer camp this season, do give them a shot.

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