3 Fun Ways To Make Your Halloween Memorable This Year

Date : 10-27-2015

3 Fun Ways To Make Your Halloween Memorable This Year

Ghosts, goblins and witches – Halloween is a fun time to get together with your friends, take your children out trick-or-treating, and spend time with your loved ones. This is one of the nights of the year you can play pranks and get away with it. From putting a “finger” in someone’s food to planting a spider when your friend is about to sit down – this is the night to unleash your creativity. Since Halloween is close by, here at Tekoia we like to have fun. And the best fun is with our SURE Universal remote. Many people just think of it as a universal remote for your TV, but there is much more you can do with it. Let’s look at three creative ways you can use your SURE Universal this Halloween. And they’re not all pranks either!

Ramp Up the Scary Movie

scary movie for Halloween Okay, the first thing is a prank, but this is a good one. Halloween parties are the best when you’re an adult. You get to dress up in any costume you like, eat, drink and mingle. If you host a party, include a scary movie. This sets the tone for the night and it’s the perfect backdrop for your prank on your unsuspecting guests. When you know a scary, hair-raising part is going to happen in the movie, get your SURE Universal ready. Do the following with your app:

  • Turn the volume up on your TV
  • Turn on the air conditioner and make it cold
  • Unleash the Roomba to dart from under the couch

Doing all of these things during a scary part of a movie will make sure your Halloween party is one to be remembered!

Don’t Be Left Out on Halloween

kids halloween Raise your hand if you got the short end of the stick and had to stay home and dish out the candy while your spouse or partner took your kids out trick-or-treating last year? If you don’t have grandparents nearby, or friends without children, one of you has to stay home while the other goes trick or treating. You end up missing those precious moments, especially if your children are quite young. Well, you don’t have to be left out anymore. Your partner can take photos and videos of your kids trick-or-treating and use the SURE Universal to show you. When they come home, immediately stream the videos and photos to your TV using the SURE Universal app. It takes seconds to setup. Now you can enjoy Halloween together and have all the memories stored on your phone!

A Sneak Attack on Your Partner

scared man Halloween is about done and you and your partner are settling down for the night. With your leftover Halloween candy and some good books in hand, you two lay in bed enjoying the evening. Wait until they start to drift off to sleep and here’s your chance. Right before they fall asleep, suddenly turn on the TV and turn up the volume. Pretend you don’t know what’s going on and play it up. WARNING: Only play this prank on a partner with a really good sense of humor!

Celebrate Halloween

Halloween is more than candy and ghosts; it’s a time to have fun with your friends and make memories with your children. With the SURE Universal remote, you can also include some pranks to spice up your Halloween night. Be sure to download our app – if you haven’t already – and let us know in the comments how you’re going to use the SURE Universal this Halloween.

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