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Date : 3-13-2019

The Rise of IoT-as-a-Service (IOTaaS)

With the development of IoT and new technologies, many companies are designing their businesses model in a more flexible and scalable way, bringing the rise of IoT-as-a-Service.
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Date : 3-10-2019

Using a Mesh Network to Improve Your Smart Home’s WiFi

WiFi coverage is one of the most important aspects to consider when designing a smart home as IoT devices. Therefore more and more mesh networks are being used in smart homes due to its self-healing characteristics made possible by the network’s structure and composition.
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Date : 3-6-2019

IoT Device Security

The Internet of Things (IoT) is widely considered to be one of the most innovative technological movements in recent years. As cyber attacks are a more prevalent threat, IoT security is becoming a higher priority for both users and device manufacturers. With billions of IoT devices now in existence, we must take steps to secure them.
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Date : 3-3-2019

Will Bluetooth be next wireless standard of choice for the enterprise?

Bluetooth is already one of the most widely used wireless protocols for enabling IoT.
With the success of Bluetooth in the smart home, the standard is now making its way into the enterprise.Its low cost, ease of use and familiar installation a
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Date : 2-27-2019

LPWAN or Cellular? Which IoT Connectivity is Best?

Due to the specific nuanced differences and requirements from sector to sector, understanding the options available is paramount to make the right choice. Internet of Things (IoT) networks need to exist over reliable comms infrastructure, which is something that both provide to varying degrees.
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