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Date : 8-21-2019

IoT and How it Will Make the Job of the Police Easier & Safer

Smart Cities aren’t yet in full swing, but when they are, we should see the boys and girls in blue able to do their job more quickly and in a safer way.
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Date : 8-14-2019

How IoT is Building the Smart Offices of Tomorrow

One particular area that is being changed forever is that of the smart office that’s able to harness the power of IoT to make everything work quicker and more efficiently -  a desirable outcome for any enterprise.
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Date : 8-7-2019

Protecting Our Homes & Cities from Climate Change with IoT

The evidence of climate change is all around us, with ever greater extremes of weather occurring around the world.
However, amidst this creeping threat, there is a little hope for our protection and it comes in the form of Internet of Things (IoT) devices.
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Date : 7-31-2019

Smart Clothes and How They Can Enhance Your Everyday Life

Also often described using a variety of terms like electronic textiles, smart fabrics or high-tech clothing, smart clothes are items wearable items of tech that are able to assist in our every day lives. What they shouldn’t be confused with is wearable tech, as that term typically refers to devices like fitness trackers and smartwatches.
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Date : 7-24-2019

How IoT is Being Used to Protect the Environment

As we approach the third decade of the 21st century, Internet of Things (IoT) technology is evolving at a pace and is touching pretty much every facet of human existence.
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