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Date : 2-20-2019

Making Parenting Easier With Smart Home Technology

Sit back, put the comforter down for a second and read on as we take you through a few IoT gizmos that can take some of the worry and stress out of taking care of a child.
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Date : 2-17-2019

FDA is Rapidly Approving Medical IoT Devices

IoT technology is revolutionizing the health care industry at an unprecedented rate. This past year broke records for medical device approvals by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.
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Date : 2-13-2019

Why Smart Doorbells Beat Traditional Alarm Systems Every Time

Twenty years ago, home alarm systems were the vogue and anyone who could afford it, protected their home with one. The thing about conventional security systems like these is that they are expensive, messy and intrusive to install and require a good deal of maintenance to remain effective.
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Date : 2-10-2019

Applying Preventive Maintenance to the Smart Home

IoT devices such as sensors are being utilized alongside comprehensive analytics to detect and prevent problems with machinery before they even occur.
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Date : 2-6-2019

Smart Lighting – Helping to Support More Regular, Restful Sleep

There has been much written about how smart lighting can be used as part of an seamless automated home setup to offer a smoother home experience, but what hasn’t been talked about so much are the associated benefits that come along with highly controllable smart LED lighting on us and our sleep patterns.
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