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Date : 12-12-2018

Keeping the Magic of Christmas Protected With IoT Technology

An affordable alternative to costly traditional types of home security systems and it comes from the world of the Internet of Things (IoT).
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Date : 12-5-2018

IoT Gateway Software – What is It and How Does it Work?

We sit currently at a pivotal moment in the evolution IoT technology, where the age of interconnected smart networks that automate manufacturing, industry and much of our daily lives, are almost upon us.
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Date : 11-28-2018

The Importance of Smart Sensors in Home Automation

There are a thousand and one different home automation devices either already in existence or being developed as we speak.
From smart light bulbs to smart security cameras to smart speakers, there’s something for every home function possible...or at least there will be soon. Whilst these intelligent pieces of kit are amazing, they wouldn’t be able to do their jobs without the unsung heroes of the home automation world - smart sensors.
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Date : 11-21-2018

IoT Gadgets – Enhancing the Thanksgiving Festivities

Thanksgiving is a great time of year for catching up with family and offering up thanks to the people who have positively affected our lives.
Of course, there is also much in the way of turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie to enjoy, but on the whole, it is a time for enjoyment and creating memories.
However, the festivities can be enhanced somewhat with the inclusion of Internet of Things (IoT) gadgets, some of which we look at here. With a good WiFi connection and a few well chosen devices, you could make your thanksgiving one to remember.
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Date : 11-14-2018

The Future’s Now for Smart Lighting Technology

The world of the Internet of Things (IoT) and home automation has taken great strides in recent years, making us all re-evaluate what is possible and how soon a science fiction future might be realized.
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