How to Run a Complete Scan to Detect Your Air Conditioner

How to Run a Complete Scan to Detect Your Air Conditioner

How to Run a Complete AC Scan

Step-by-Step Instructions to Run a Complete Scan to Find Your Air Conditioner

Once you have downloaded the SURE Universal Remote app you may read the step-by-step instructions below to learn how to run a complete scan for your air conditioner:

If you can’t find your brand of air conditioner remote or if none of the remotes worked you should try a “complete scan” of all our remotes.

It is possible that one of our remotes could work for your air conditioner.

1. Select the “Try Complete AC Scan” option from the AC brand list.

Select Device brand
2. Turn your air conditioner off and point the smartphone IR blaster towards the air conditioner.

*The IR blaster is usually at the top of the smartphone or tablet.

3. Press “Start Scan” and be prepared to click “Stop Scan” once you hear a beep.

Start Scan

4. Now check if the remote works for your air conditioner.

a. Click the Power On and Power Off buttons. If they don’t work then click Previous Remote to see if you missed your remote.

b. Once you find the remote that turns your air conditioner On and Off test the other buttons.

c. Once you find your remote click “Success! Save Remote”

Test Remote

Congratulations! Your remote will now appear as below:

Universal Remote AC

You can now rename your remote if you wish and continue adding more devices. Enjoy!

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