How to Add Kodi Media Streamer

How to Add Kodi Media Streamer

How to Add Kodi

Step-by-Step Instructions to Add Kodi to Your SURE Universal Remote

Once you have downloaded the SURE Universal Remote app you may read the step-by-step instructions below to learn how to add your Kodi or you can watch this quick training video:

1. Open your Kodi.
2. Go to “Settings”.
3. In the settings menu go to “Service Settings”.
4. Click on the settings level in order to change it to “Standard”.
5. Go to “General” and select “Announce services to other systems”. *If option exists
6. Go to “Control” and select both “Allow remote control via HTTP” and “Allow remote control from applications on other systems”.
Verify port is 8080.
7. Go to “UPnP / DLNA” and check “Allow remote control via UPnP”.
8. Your Kodi system is now ready to be used with SURE Universal Remote.
9. Please follow our instructions on How to add a WiFi Device to complete the setup.
10. Have fun!

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