FDA is Rapidly Approving Medical IoT Devices

October 27, 2020

IoT technology is revolutionizing the health care industry at an unprecedented rate.

This past year broke records for medical device approvals by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. In 2018, the FDA approved 106 new devices, which increased from the previous record of 99 approvals in 2017.

The increase comes from the FDA’s attempt to modernize the approval process and improve their medical device regulations. The administration’s new approach has lead to more connected medical devices and apps intended to help manage medical issues receiving the stamp of approval.

Many of the devices that were approved in 2018 use IoT technology to manage and treat a wide range of medical conditions. These devices include technologies that can diagnose diabetic retinopathy using artificial intelligence, a mobile app to manage opioid and other substance addictions as well as automated insulin dosing systems that can even be used in children as young as seven.

IoT enabled medical devices stand to not only improve the treatment and management of diseases, but also have the potential to lower the cost of health care services and improve the efficiency of patient care. According to a Grand View Research report, by 2022, the global IoT health care market will reach $410 billion.

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