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SURE Platform is a complete Software IoT solution including the smartphone universal remote client, cloud platform for communications data, and micro-controller software for smart appliances. The SURE SD-IoT platform enables any manufacturer to turn their legacy appliances into smart appliances that are compliant with the OCF standard and therefore interoperable with other Smart Home products.

The SURE Software IoT Platform includes the SURE Remote, a free universal remote control solution available as a free download for Android and iOS devices; SURE Cloud, a cloud-based storage solution for device and user data; SURE Thing, a smart appliance device server that can transform legacy home appliances into smart appliances easily and inexpensively; and SURE Gate, a universal smarthome gateway for set-top boxes that allows complete control of your smarthome, regardless of manufacturer or brand.

SURE Universal is the first software IoT solution that has gained Open Connectivity Foundation (OCF), certification, which is the leading open-source standard for IoT vendors to allow their appliances and smart devices to work seamlessly together, regardless of brand.

Currently, SURE Universal is working with some of the biggest appliance manufacturers in the world to assist them with implementation of the OCF protocol and to achieve interoperability with other IoT vendors. SURE business partners benefit from fast time-to-market because of the proven SURE Universal technology.

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OCF Certified Mobile Client

Winner of the grand Award

World’s First

The 1st Smart Universal Remote for digital media, home automation, and Internet of Things (IoT) certified by the Open Connectivity Foundation (OCF).

Truly Universal

Works on legacy infra-red (IR) appliances as well as new WiFi-based smart TVs and smart home appliances.

Simple Setup

Takes literally minutes to set up for
any number of appliances

Stream your Contant from Your Phone to Smart TVs and Media Steamers

With SURE Universal remote you can connect directly to smart TVs and media streamers

  • For Smart Home

    SURE Universal Remote can control smart home appliances such as set top boxes, security systems and LED lights

  • For Digital Media

    SURE Universal Remote can control digital media by streaming content on appliances like smart TVs and media streamers

  • Always with You

    SURE Universal Remote runs on your smartphone and therefore it is always with you

SURE Universal Remote Supports Millions of Appliances

With SURE Universal Remote you can connect directly to Smart TVs and Media Streamers

Smart TV

Philips Hue

Media Streamer

Cable box

Disc player

Air Conditioner


AV receiver

RGB led bulb

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