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  • Set-Top Box
  • Smart Speaker
  • 4K TV
  • Smart Home
  • Digital Media
  • Security Cam

SURE Universal Ltd. provides a complete software platform for the smart home and Internet of Things (IoT). SURE’s Software-Defined IoT (SD-IoT) architecture allows scalable, secure and user friendly solutions. It is hardware agnostic to enable interoperability with different IoT hardware. SURE Universal is the only platform able to deliver a complete, standard compliant IoT software solution to Telco and cable operators giving them maximum interoperability and data security.

SURE Platform consists of 5 combined components ensuring a harmonious ecosystem:

  • SURE Remote – Universal remote client for Android and iOS Smartphones;
  • SURE Gateway – Set-Top-Box (STB) software gateway for operators that turns the STB into a Smart Home hub, allowing complete management of Smart Homes, regardless of manufacturer or brand;
  • SURE Cloud – Private cloud software for communications and data; SURE cloud allows the operator to maintain the data on their own servers in accordance with the strictest data security regulations.
  • SURE Assistant – Smart speaker software with smart camera and a voice control assistant;
  • SURE Thing – Software for smart devices that easily and inexpensively transforms legacy home appliances into smart appliances.

SURE’s first product, SURE Universal Remote app, has reached over 40 million downloads worldwide. It is the highest ranked and top-rated software remote on Google Play. Furthermore, it won the 2016 Grand Award at Asia Smartphone App Contest.

SURE is the first software platform to be granted certification by the Open Connectivity Foundation ( – the world’s leading consortium for Smart Home and IoT. OCF’s leading open-source standard enables interoperability – enabling different IoT vendor appliances and smart devices to work seamlessly together, regardless of brand.

SURE Universal Ltd. was founded in 2014 by Viktor Ariel, Phd. Dr. Ariel serves as the company‘s  CEO. His previous start-up, TrasnChip Inc, developed microchips for cameras in mobile phones. The company was acquired by Samsung in 2007 and reached number one market share in the world for mobile phone cameras. Mr. Ray Stata is the company’s Chairman. Mr. Stata is also the Founder and Chairman of Analog Devices (ADI) – the largest analog chip maker in the world.


SURE Universal - The Soul of IoT

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