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Your Most Flexible and Secure
Remote HealthCare Platform

SURE Universal provides the most secure, end-to-end IOT home healthcare solution for remote diagnosis, monitoring and telehealth – perfectly tailored to patient needs.

Remote HealthCare Made Easy

Clinicians and caregivers can easily monitor specific patient parameters and tailor remote care, while leveraging affordable, hospital-grade off-the shelf medical and home safety devices to keep costs low.

Our medical portal, health IOT gateway and universal remote smartphone app empowers users to quickly and easily control devices and monitor health and wellness readings anywhere, anytime. Powered by Artificial Intelligence, the platform can automatically detect abnormal events and send emergency alerts to care teams, who through integrated video and voice telemedicine capabilities can easily contact and respond to the situation.

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Our Solutions

Provide the best of care and keep safe chronically ill patients, the elderly and young children.

Making Care at Home Safe and Secure

Standard interoperability, data privacy, and internet security are critical for home healthcare. Yet, only SURE Universal provides a complete, standard compliant IoT software solution for home healthcare and wellness.

SURE Universal uniquely complies with the international consumer Open Connectivity Foundation (OCF) IoT standard for device interoperability and data security. It also meets the latest FHIR HL7 international standards to exchange medical information electronically between patients and medical professionals. The technology similarly supports WebRTC for video sharing, USB and any wireless protocols in common use, including WIFI and Bluetooth.


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