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SURE Platform - Complete IoT Solution

Our Partners

  • Internet Service Providers

  • Smart Medical Device Vendors

  • Chipset Vendors

  • Smart Appliance Manufacturers

  • Medical Service Providers

SURE - the only complete, standard compliant IoT software solution for healthcare

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Key Market Challenges


Device Interoperability

Data Security

User Experience

IoT Business Model

Partner Benefits


Complete connectivity and interoperability based on OCF protocol

Multi-layer data security using OCF standard

Easy-to-use SURE IoT platform - ready for mass market

PaaS business model suitable to operators

Complete Software Solution - The Soul of IoT

SURE Platform Competitive Advantage

  • Advanced Software Defined IoT architecture using off-the-shelf hardware

  • Unique design - solves usability and interoperability of IoT devices

  • Local & remote recording and streaming, Multi camera management and parallel video viewing

  • Complete software solution based on a global OCF standard - ideal operators

  • Market proven technology leader with world number one remote

Standard Compliant
Leading Healthcare IoT Standards

Open Connectivity Foundation




Complete Software Solution for IoT

Emergency Medical Care

Elderly Health Monitoring

Home Safety, Security & Entertainment

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