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SURE Universal is the leader in next-generation software solutions for smart home, digital media, and IoT.

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Meet SURE Platform

SURE Platform is a complete SD-IoT solution including the smartphone universal remote client, cloud platform for communications data, micro-controller software for smart appliances and gateway software for set-top boxes. The SURE SD-IoT platform enables any manufacturer to turn their legacy appliances into smart appliances that are compliant with the OCF standard and therefore interoperable with other Smart Home products.

SURE Remote

The SURE Universal app in combination with OCF standard supports any wireless protocol in common use, ranging from specialized smart home RF technologies, like Z-Wave and Zigbee, to more common networking technologies like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. With infrared blaster, SURE Universal can control more than a million different infrared appliances.

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SURE Cloud

The SURE Cloud is a ready-to-configure cloud solution that provides vendors with an easy infrastructure for storage, data analytics and monetization, as well as future services which can translate into new revenue opportunities.

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SURE Thing

SURE Thing is a smart appliance device server for IoT which allows appliance vendors to turn legacy home appliances into smart appliances with a simple, open-sourced solution that is compatible across all appliances, regardless of manufacturer.

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SURE Gateway

SURE Gate is a software IoT solution for set-top manufacturers that allows your set-top box act as a universal gateway to control your smarthome. SURE Gate solution is manufacturer agnostic and can control all of your smarthome devices without worrying about compatibility between products.

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SURE Solutions

SURE Platformoffers a variety of ready-made, easy to implement, OCF-certified and platform agnostic industry-proven smart home and IoT solutions for manufacturers.

More About SURE Solutions

SURE Devices

SURE Platform solutions are compatible with thousands of smarthome and IoT-based devices from a variety of manufacturers. Some of the devices compatible with SURE Platform can be found below.


Mobile Devices

Z-Wave Devices

WiFi Devices


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Adding Devices

Learn how to add your devices to SURE Universal Remote.

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Top Features

Learn how to use all the top SURE features.

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SUre universal remote app good!

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Effortless Home Making

No need to put extra efforts with SURE. Just do your home ma ...

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Live Life Smartly

With SURE you can live a smart life by connecting your all h ...

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