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13 Sep 2016

5 Organization Apps for a Fresh Fall Start

These 5 organization apps will get you ready for a fresh start this fall as the seasons change and summer comes to an end.

The summer holidays are over and school is back in session. Everywhere you look you see the store shelves lined with colorful binders, rulers, calculators, backpacks, paper and notebooks.

And while you might be long finished from attending classes and studying for finals, there’s still a piece of you that likes the whole “fresh start” feeling that back to school gives you during the fall.

But, since you probably don’t need a pencil case or binder, the next best thing is to organize your life with our pick of the 5 best apps, assuming you aren’t suffering from app burnout that is.

Oh, and while you’re at it, it also doesn’t hurt to organize your desk and file folders too!

In the meantime, check out these 5 apps to help you stay organized.

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30 Aug 2016

4 Best Free Apps for Commuters

These 4 apps for commuters will help you find the best route, beat traffic, log your miles and stave off boredom – all for free!

When you think about work, what’s the most frustrating thing about it?

Sure it might be lousy hours, your gossipy boss, or the mounds of paperwork you’re responsible for every day. But if you’re like millions of commuters, isn’t the long drive to actually get to work among the most rattling, stressful and frustrating parts of your 9-5?

Whether it’s battling traffic, dealing with bad weather, or navigating unexpected detours, the daily migration to work suddenly makes you want to stay home, curl up with your SURE Universal and binge watch some good ol’ Netflix.

The truth is, all you really need is a co-pilot to make the journey with you. Whether you ride your bike, take transit or drive a car, your smartphone can help you have a smoother commute. Check out these four apps to help you get to the office in good time and in happy spirits.

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30 May 2016

The Top 5 Productivity Apps For Getting Things Done

Trying to be more productive and getting your to do list done? We found the top productivity apps to help you organize your day.

How do you organize your day?

Are you the type that flies by the seat of your pants? Mixing up tasks, seeing what needs to be done, and then just doing it?

Or, maybe you’re the type of person who makes to-do lists for everything. Even your pets get a to-do list.

For many of us, though, getting tasks done for the day can be a challenge. Especially if you have things like work, family and a house to take care of.

But, with mobile apps as popular as ever, productivity apps are cropping up faster than you can say, did and done.

And while our SURE Universal Remote app isn’t what you’d consider a traditional productivity app, it sure has its place in helping you become more productive in your day.

With that being said, let’s take a look at five productivity apps to make your day run a bit smoother.

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