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06 Dec 2016

The Best Gifts for Kids This Year

There’s less than one month until Christmas! Don’t panic – We’ve picked out the best gifts for kids that will delight all the little ones in your life for months to come.

Time is ticking. There’s less than a month until Christmas, and you haven’t even started your shopping.


With Black Friday and Cyber Monday over, you probably came out with some great tech gifts for your brother and friends, but maybe not some presents for the children in your life.

It’s a challenge for sure. You don’t want to get a gift that your little ones don’t appreciate, and you don’t want one they never use, either.

Whether you have a crawling baby or a school-aged child, we have picked out some popular gifts that will delight your children for months to come. Here are some of the best gifts you can give your children this Christmas.

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22 Nov 2016

The 5 Hottest Holiday Tech Gifts of 2016

The holidays are almost here! It’s time to prepare your shopping list with these five hot tech gifts that your family and friends will love.

Time is ticking. There’s only a month until Christmas, and you haven’t even started your shopping.


What do you give your brother who lives three hours away? Or, your father whom you see every Sunday for dinner but haven’t a clue what he wants for Christmas?

If you have a big family you need to buy for this holiday season, instead of thinking outside the box and trying to find that perfect gift, why not give them a tech gift?

Virtually everyone loves technology. Heck, even our pets are in on smart technology! With Black Friday and Cyber Monday almost here, it’s time to check out these five holiday tech gifts that will be a sure surprise for your family and loved ones.

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01 Nov 2016

Make Your Holiday Shopping Run Smoother

As the holidays draw nearer it is time to do some serious thinking about what gifts you will buy this year. These 5 apps will help prepare you for your holiday shopping in no time!

Can you believe that in only a few weeks the biggest gift giving season of the year is coming up? And you know what that means – lots of shopping!

Oh my, time sure goes by fast once everybody is back to school. With your work ramping up and all those extra curricular activities your children are in, your schedule is probably full every day.

So, how can you slip in some time to get shopping before the holiday season rolls around?

Whether you hit the pavement and check out the sales or go online for stress-free shopping, we’ve rounded up some of the best shopping apps to help you find what you’re looking for.

These apps are great for the holiday season, but they’re still handy all year round so don’t feel you have to go uninstall them once the New Year rolls around.

With that being said, check out our pick of the top five apps to make your shopping a little bit easier this holiday season.

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19 Jul 2016

The Top Tech Gifts for the “Geek” in Your Life

Don’t know what to buy for the special “geek” in your life? We’ve picked out 5 tech gifts all under $50 that are sure to impress.

Oh no!

Next week is your brother’s birthday and you have no clue what he would like. You thought a rock climbing class would be something he’d enjoy when it was his birthday last year, but he never actually made it to any of the lessons.

You know that he loves technology. He never steps away from his smartphone and he always hangs out in the electronics aisle looking at all the new tech gear.

But, you’ve been avoiding these types of gifts because you have no clue what tech toy to choose.

If you’re unsure what to buy, here are some top gifts to give to the “geek” in your life whether it’s your brother, friend, co-worker, or just about anyone.

Oh, did we mention they are all under $50?

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