11 Oct 2014

11 Oct 2014

SureMote Smart Universal Remote App Unveils First One-Button Remote for Multiple Appliances

11 Oct 2014

App also provides media streaming to a Smart TV and expanded support for thousands of IR appliances worldwide 

RAMAT GAN, ISRAEL—October 1, 2014Tekoia, the provider of smart universal remote solutions for digital media, smart appliances and the Internet of Things (ioT), today launches the new version of SureMote – Smart Universal Remote app — which lets users turn on, turn off a group of smart appliances with a single button.  Anyone with an Android phone with an IR blaster and the SureMote app can quickly have an elegant one-device substitute to the 4 or more remotes most people have scattered in their living rooms.

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The app allows users to simply and easily organize several multimedia devices into systems or groups of appliances which can then be operated simultaneously from the same SureMote control panel, using both Infrared and WiFi connections.  With a few clicks and selections, a user can create a system which might include their smart TV, Blueray player and a receiver.  This becomes their media system, for example, and that system can be turned on, or off with just one button.

Also with this new release, the SureMote  becomes the only universal remote to offer support for legacy IR appliances, smart WiFi appliances, and media streaming from the smartphone to a smart TV.

The new version of SureMote has an improved IR database of thousands of devices from the United States, Europe and Asia Pacific, providing global appliance coverage.  The new app also provides control of smart WiFI appliances with the introduction of LG Smart TV support and allows for photo sharing between SureMote and smart LG TV giving users a much better viewing experience.

“By creating a way for users to very simply organize appliances into one system and then have that system controlled with one button, we are reaching the holy grail for remote controls – literally the one-button remote.  People want ease of use, not the endless frustration that comes with juggling multiple remotes and lots of confusing buttons,” said Viktor Ariel, CEO, Tekoia.  “Now, SureMote delivers a user experience which is elegant, easy and intuitive. As we move from smart TVs to all the smart appliances in the home with the Internet of Things, the remote app and its ease of use and design is central and essential, not an afterthought.”

SureMote is completely free and supported by graphical mobile advertising, which does not interfere with operation of the remote. In addition, Tekoia observes a strict privacy policy and does not collect private user information beyond appliance usage data. No user sign-in is required.

SureMote Smart Universal Remote works on the latest Android devices with a built-in IR blaster such as Samsung Galaxy phones, tablets and phablets, LG G3, and HTC One smartphones.  Today SureMote works with the LG Smart TVs, 2012 and 2013 versions.  Support for additional smart TVs is coming by the end of 2014.

SureMote features summary:

  1. Great user experience
  2. One-button control for systems of appliances
  3. Simultaneous IR and WiFi connections to multiple appliances
  4. Download SureMoteEasy appliance selection procedure
  5. Digital picture streaming from SureMote to a smart TV
  6. Custom system creation and modification
  7. SureMote is free to end-users
  8. Improved user privacy protection
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