5 Must Have Gadgets for Back To School 2016

Date : 9-14-2017

5 Must Have Gadgets for Back To School 2016

Your growing kids will need these 5 essential gadgets as they head back to school this fall.

It’s that time of year again – back to school time.

And while you’re probably getting used to your older child staying home with you over the summer, you can’t help but get giddy at the thought of them going back to high school or college.

No more messy rooms, loads of laundry to be folded – and no more empty milk cartons in the fridge.

It’s time to get your child ready to go back to school and learning again. But, before they venture away from you, be sure to equip them with these essential gadgets to help them succeed at school.

No matter if they are just entering high school, or in their third year of college, technology at school is something kids are getting used to and will need to become familiar with.

Here are five back to school tech must-haves for your child.

1. Tablet



Did you know more and more schools are adopting iPads and other tablets for learning?

Tablets actually help students learn better and most K-12 teachers agree that having tablets enriches the classroom experience.

And for many parents, providing a tablet for their son or daughter is a no-brainer. Your child can take notes with their tablet, enhance their learning with video or podcasts, and can even do their lessons online instead of with a traditional pen and paper.

2. USB Flash Drive

USB Flash Drive


Children as young as ten years old should have a flash drive for school. With technology integrated in your child’s lesson plan, most likely your child will have to do online work or create a presentation.

With a USB flash drive, they can instantly save their work and easily go to school to print out their homework, or share their presentation with the class using the school’s laptop and projection system.

They are usually pretty inexpensive so be sure to grab a few for the school year – something that small is bound to eventually get lost!

3. Noise Cancelling Headphones



Giving your child noise cancelling headphones is a sly way of telling them that you want them to study hard.

School is loud and distracting, but with some noise cancelling headphones on, your child can sit down and actually focus on the task at hand.

And if your child is in college, these are perfect for them when they’re in their dorms and need to study for a mid-term test the next day.

4. A Laptop Lock



It’s true – electronic devices like laptops or smartphones are always among the most stolen items on college campuses.

For parents, this can be unnerving since it’s probably your hard earned cash that paid for your child’s electronic device.

To ensure their laptop isn’t stolen from right under their nose, invest in a laptop lock. It works by connecting the lock securely to your child’s laptop and wrapping the cable around an immovable object like an anchored desk or heavy piece of furniture.

When your child is at the library studying, or in their dorm room just relaxing, at least you know their laptop is a little bit safer with a lock.

5. Smartphone



Nowadays kids as young as eight years old already have their own cellphones. Children today don’t know a world without smartphones and tablets.

Smartphones are rich in learning opportunities and can help your child learn and understand what they’re learning.

And what’s great is you can install our SURE Universal app on their phone so when they come home, they’ll be able to stream media and control the TV without a fuss!

Over to You

Back to school time is usually a hectic time for the family. With clothes shopping and shopping for supplies, it can almost seem never-ending.

But, don’t forget to also supply your child with gadgets to help them stay connected, and be a better learner at school.

Over to you – what essential back to school tech devices will your child need this school year?

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