3 Reasons Why You’re Not Adopting IoT (And What to Do About It)

Date : 9-14-2017

3 Reasons Why You’re Not Adopting IoT (And What to Do About It)

Does IoT seem very complicated to you? We’re going to break down the top reasons why users aren’t embracing it yet – and tell you why you should be!

Every year there seems to be a new thing in technology. Right now it’s IoT, or Internet of Things.

The Internet of Things signals connectivity between your appliances, making it easy to control your interconnected home devices with the push of a button.

According to Gartner, the IoT space will grow to 26 billion units by 2020. Based on this prediction, that’s a 30-fold increase from 900 million in 2009.

And with the SURE Universal Remote being the No.1 Universal Remote app for Android, we are working hard at integrating more IoT capabilities into our app.

But, for some people, this new wave of technology brings with it a bit of concern. They’re not quite adopting the whole Smart Home concept.

Let’s look at why that’s happening and ways to help people feel more comfortable with having technology run their home.

The Most Popular Reasons Why People Are Slow to Adopt New Technology

Accenture LLP surveyed over 28,000 people from around the world about IoT and found that 47% are concerned with privacy and security and 62% are concerned with price; many feel IoT devices are currently too expensive.

In addition, 23% weren’t sure which devices would suit their needs and 17% were just confused about IoT technology altogether.

Barriers to purchasing IoT devices and services



Let’s look at the top three reasons a little more closely.

1. Price

The biggest reason why many people aren’t adopting smart technology is pricing. There is a lack of perceived value with these devices and many people from all around the world feel it is a huge barrier.

This is especially true if you’re a late adopter to IoT. If you’ve never owned a smart device like Phillips Hue lights for example, which can change color and dim simply by using the SURE Universal remote app on your phone, the likelihood of trying these devices out is low.

However, early adopters understand the value IoT devices have and are more likely to be less concerned with pricing.

2. Security

More than two-thirds of the people surveyed by Accenture LLP were concerned and aware of hacker attacks, which have resulted in stolen data or malfunction.

“Security has moved from being a nagging problem to a top barrier as consumers are now choosing to abandon IoT devices and services over security concerns.”

Part of this security concern is the privacy issue. Many smart devices collect personal data from you and it can become a concern when your data is compromised. This isn’t only a potential problem for the consumer, but also for businesses that rely on smart technology.

And when it comes to things like Bluetooth locks for instance, the only thing stopping an intruder from easily entering your home is the manufacturer’s (hopefully) strong device security. Or how about the fire hazard of a space heater plugged into a compromised smart plug?

If you have wireless security cameras or baby monitors in your home, do you know who elsemay be watching your family?

3. Ease of Use

There has been a lot of progress in making new smart devices more intuitive and easier to use.

However, there still is a lag between ease of use and consumer experience. For example, the survey revealed that up to two-thirds of people experienced a problem or challenge with their IoT device. Other issues people faced were devices being too complicated to use or being unable to set up their devices – and some felt the device did not work to full capacity.


Top challenges in using IoT devices and services



The good thing is, though, that the percent of people challenged with their IoT devices – up to two-thirds – is actually down from 83% just last year.

Why You Should Love and Enjoy IoT Devices in Your Home

As with any new technological advance, there will be issues with functionality, but that doesn’t mean the technology isn’t valuable or useful to us.

Smart devices do have their place in your home.

They can help us stay safer, healthier, and improve our quality of life. And they’re not just for us, but also for our pets too.

Wouldn’t it be reassuring to be certain that your newborn baby is breathing and safe in their crib? A smart device like the Mimo Baby helps you with that.

From the SURE Universal app to SmartPlate, it’s becoming more apparent that internet integration can help us live better lives.

The important thing to remember is that all most of us want is safety and simplicity when it comes to using our devices and finding solutions. As long as we have security, integration and ease of use, IoT can make a wonderful addition to our life.

Over to you – are you excited or concerned about connected devices?

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