Fix a Problem

Fix a Problem

Known Issues


1. “Double” pressing of a button. For example, when you select “channel up” the channel goes up twice. To fix this problem please send a screenshot of the Device ID that you are having the issue with to and we will work to fix it for you. Learn how to find the Device ID here.

2. The app currently does not support custom ROM.

3. If a brand is listed and no remotes are compatible with your device there may be an issue. There are 3 possibilities:

a. The issue could be the strength of the IR Blaster on your smartphone. For that, you can try to remove your phone case if you are using one, or simply move closer to the device and see if that helps.
b. The issue could be that the IR Blaster on your smartphone is not working. For that, you will need to perform a simple test. Learn how here.
c. The issue could be that we are simply missing the codes for your device (it does happen occasionally). You can request that we add the device for you here.


Please contact our Support Team via this form or directly at for any issue you are experiencing.


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