Why Should You Teach Your Parents About Tech?
15 Mar 2017

15 Mar 2017

Why Should You Teach Your Parents About Tech?

15 Mar 2017

Technology is evolving and getting easier to operate – It’s time to teach your parents a thing or two.

Imagine trying to live without technology in your daily life. It’s difficult to picture a day without your mobile phone, laptop, tablet – or any smart devices you’re currently using.

And like most Millennials, you’ve probably tried to introduce new gadgets to your parents. Many times.

If you’re a parent, you might have been surprised when your own toddler learned to stream Netflix or YouTube even before your own mother or father did.

Luckily, there is a whole range of smart devices and smartphone apps you can teach your parents to use to make their lives easier.

You won’t need to field lengthy “how do I work this?” phone calls in the middle of the work day any more, and you’ll know someone – or something – is making life safer and easier for your parents when you’re not around.

And why shouldn’t your parents get the benefit of the tech we take for granted?

Your Parents Need Smart Home Technology

Smart home technology lets users control and automate devices and other gadgets around the home using their smartphone and an app like our own SURE Universal Remote. Everything is connected using WiFi and what’s referred to as the Internet of Things (IoT).

Gartner predicts the IoT will grow to 26 billion devices by 2020, so it’s worth teaching your parents about this kind of smart home tech today.

And it doesn’t have to be complicated. A smart plug like the Wemo, or small kitchen appliances like smart kettles are simple items to get your parents started. Imagine going to the kitchen to find a freshly boiled kettle waiting to be poured? No more waiting around for that morning cup of tea.

And smart thermostats learn the patterns of your parents’ daily life. They automatically adjust the heating in the home based on when its occupants like the house to be warm or cold. If your parents want a little more control, they can access the thermostat options from an app on their smartphone.

Technology to Keep Your Parents Safe

Technology sure can be fun – and there’s no question it can make life easier – but perhaps the best reason you want to teach your parents about technology is for peace of mind. Both yours and theirs.

These days, there is a wide variety of smart devices out there that will help to keep them safe. And they’re so simple, your parents can learn to use them in no time.

For example, all homes have smoke detectors, so your parents will already be familiar with them. But smart detectors can do so much more like monitoring air quality, and even alerting you where there is a huge pollen spike. Most double as carbon monoxide detectors as well – something lacking in many older homes. You can get alerts on your phone so you can keep tabs on your parents’ safety.

Or how about installing a smart security system? The device will watch for intruders and monitor the house. Some systems also check the temperature and air quality inside the house. Those multiple features save your parents from installing – and learning – several systems.

With smart electric switches and plugs, your parents never need to worry whether they’ve accidentally left an appliance turned on. They can turn the electricity off (or on) just by using their smartphone. And if they are nervous about coming home to a dark house, they can turn their lights on before they arrive – or set up a schedule so it becomes automated.

The Smartphone is the Key to Confidence with Tech

Phones have evolved a lot in the past few years. Especially compared to the rotary dial telephone your parents grew up with.

With current smartphones and the vast selection of apps available, everything is right there at the tap of a button.

OpenTable can be a great app if your parents enjoy eating out. In North America, 50% of OpenTable users make their reservations using their mobile app.

Skype is an obvious choice to help you keep in touch. If they’re having a problem with their tech, your parents can video call you and show you the issue they are having problems with. You’re more likely to solve it if you can see it. Skype can also help save on phone bills and lets grandparents keep in touch with growing grandchildren.

And finally, a handy app to install is our SURE Universal Remote app. Your parents can use it to control their TV, any media streaming devices, and especially to control a wide variety of new smart devices. It saves them from having to learn a different app for each gadget.

We are constantly adding new devices when they become available, so the SURE Universal is always up to date.

All of these devices don’t just add up to a time-saving smart home; they add up to a safe home too. Your parents are worth it!

Over to you – how do you plan to teach your parents about tech?

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