5 Unusual Smart Devices and Products for Your Home
18 Feb 2016

18 Feb 2016

5 Unusual Smart Devices and Products for Your Home

18 Feb 2016

Technology is rapidly changing, and more and more devices and products are incorporating smart technology into their feature set.

From smart lights to smart watches, anything and everything seems to be equipped with smart technology these days.

And this isn’t a fad. As technology and innovation grow, more and more ideas and products will surface.

smart devices for the home

You will continue using classic smart products like TVs and air conditioners, and we will keep integrating these devices into our SURE Universal remote – however, there’s a whole new wave of unusual smart products that are coming to light.

Many of these ingenious gadgets are designed to help you live a healthier, better, and safer life. They may seem unconventional, but we wouldn’t be surprised if they become mainstream in a few years.

Let’s look at five upcoming, unusual smart devices and products destined for the home.

1. SmartPlate

SmartPlate is a plate that can help you manage your diet and nutrition. By using it religiously to track your food it can also help you lose weight as it can instantly recognize and analyze everything you eat.

It comes with 3 digital cameras to enable object recognition – and to help it identify what you are eating. There are also load sensors to determine the weight of the food on the plate.

The SmartPlate works in tandem with the SmartPlate app. Once food is on the plate, the cameras take a picture and send it to the cloud. Within seconds, the nutritional makeup of the food is at your fingertips.

The SmartPlate is very sophisticated and can even tell the difference between white bread and whole wheat bread.

By tracking what you are eating at the moment, Fitly – the company behind the SmartPlate – hopes people will make better eating choices.

2. Mimo Baby

If you’re a new mom, then having mommy brain is inevitable. Mimo Baby – the smart baby monitor – can help alleviate some of the forgetfulness, haziness, and the feeling of overwhelm new moms – and new parents in general – feel.

With Mimo Baby, no matter how tired you, you won’t miss out on important details regarding your baby’s immediate health. The smart baby monitor attaches to pajamas or a onesie and monitors your baby’s respiration, temperature and body position.

This information is instantly sent to your phone in real time. So there’s no more second-guessing or standing by the crib to make sure your baby is still breathing.

Mimo Baby also tracks feedings, sleeping and milestones.

3. Parrot Flower Power

Do you love to garden, but don’t feel you have a “green thumb”? That’s okay! With the Parrot Flower Power, you don’t have worry about when to water a plant or where the best spot to plant your flowers is.

The Flower Power is a Bluetooth wireless device that’s battery powered. With the Flower Power, you can keep a database of all the flowers you have. The app itself has an extensive database on many plants and flowers, and will give you accurate information on your plants’ needs.

For example, it can give you real-time measurements of light, temperature – above and below ground – and check ion levels for fertilization.

With the app close by, you’ll have no problem keeping your plants alive!

4. Smart Chopsticks

Are you worried about food contamination? If you are, then Baidu Kuaisou Chopsticks can help you detect cooking oil that’s been contaminated.

But, before this was a reality, it was an April Fool’s joke gone wrong. People loved the idea of chopsticks being able to tell if the cooking oil went rancid. Soon the video went viral.

Baidu Kuaisou listened to the public and made the joke a reality.

In China, there have been a high number of food safety incidents leaving the public worried about what they are eating. The reports concluded that it was the re-used oil that was causing all these issues.

With the smart chopsticks, you don’t have to worry if the food you are eating was cooked in re-used oil. This is making users happy and informed.

5. Muggino

Ahh, nothing beats a warm sip of coffee or a cold drink of beer.

Whatever your vice is, make sure to pour your drink in a Muggino cup. It works by allowing you to set the desired temperature of your drink from your phone.

So, if the coffee is too hot, set the temperature you want and the app will notify you when it reaches that temperature.

Or, you can double tap the mug to heat your drink up or triple tap to cool it down.

One bonus feature: the mug features a retractable cable that can be used to charge your smartphone.

Live Smarter

Whether you want to lose weight, make sure your baby is safe, enhance your green thumb, check your cooking oil or enjoy the perfect cup of coffee, you can soon do it all with smart technology.

Over to you – is there a product you wish had smart technology? Or maybe there a product or device you would like to suggest we add to the SURE Universal remote? Tell us in the comments.

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  1. Jill April 2nd, 2016 2:30AM

    The Parrot Flower Power seems to speak directly to me haha. Will check this out. Hopefully, this device won’t cost an arm and a leg.


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