Get Ready for Rio Summer Olympics 2016
08 Aug 2016

08 Aug 2016

Get Ready for Rio Summer Olympics 2016

08 Aug 2016

The Summer Olympics 2016 already started with the opening ceremony taking place in Rio de Jainero. Let’s take a look at how the event fares so far.

August 5th was the first day of the Summer Olympics 2016 in Rio de Janeiro, with the opening ceremony taking place that evening. Like most Olympics’, the whole world will be watching, but the unusual amount of controversy over the Rio Olympics has brought extra media attention.

Being the first South American city to host this coveted event – and the first Olympics held in a Portuguese-speaking country – many weren’t anticipating a great show in the Brazilian city.

But with an outbreak of the Zika virus, economic stress due to the worst recession the country has ever seen, and Rio’s reported toxic water and air, the International Olympic Committee stated in 2014 that Rio was the least prepared host in history.

It can’t be all bad, though, it’s the Summer Olympics after all. So get your SURE Universal remote primed and ready for this almost three-week event, and let’s take a look at how Rio fares.

The Opening Ceremony

With all the negativity that plagued the build-up to the games, the Opening Ceremony – in Maracanã Stadium – went without a hitch.

Brazil does know how to throw a party!

One notable highlight was the live presentation demonstrating the birth of life. Dancers were dressed as microbes and we watched them evolve into rain forests. This lead to countries coming together to help form Brazil’s melting pot population.

The demonstration ended with a look into the future and the impact deforestation and pollution has on our Earth.

It perfectly demonstrated the celebration of Brazil’s multi-cultural population and its strong attitude toward climate change.

And of course, Brazil wouldn’t be Brazil unless you talked about their coveted resource – fashion models.

Brazil’s own Gisele Bundchen – the highest-paid model ever – catwalked the floor of the Opening Ceremony to the song, “The Girl from Ipanema.”

Rising Stars to Look Out For

This Olympics may be the most watched ever due to the availability of the internet and mobile technology.

With that in mind, unknown athletes today may turn into household names once the Rio 2016 Olympics is over.

Here are three athletes – in some of the most popular sports in the Olympics – to pay special attention to.

1. Jordan Wilimovsky – Open Water Swim

Jordan may be drawing the wrong headlines at Rio this Olympics. He’ll be competing in the 10k open water swim – the most feared race due to Brazil’s highly toxic and polluted waters.

Jordan will be diving in and swimming the Copacabana waters for the chance at gold in the 10k event.

2. Simone Biles – Gymnastics

Simone is considered the favorite to win gold for the US in five out of the six events she’ll compete in. This 19-year-old is the best gymnast of her time, according to Olympic gym coach Bela Karolyi.

With her own move dubbed, “The Bile,” and the fact that she hasn’t lost a competition in almost three years, Simone is destined for gold in Rio 2016.

3. Trayvon Bromell – Track and Field

While everyone is looking to see if Usain Bolt will win gold three times in a row in the 100-meter sprint, Trayvon might end up being the underdog and stealing the show. He’s hoping to win gold in the 100-meter race.

And even though he’ll be running with America’s favorite, Justin Gatlin, Trayvon is the younger of the two, which might end up helping him win the race.

Time For Your SURE Universal Remote

While the Winter Olympics is always a huge world event, the Summer Olympics is by far the more popular of the two. With favorite sports like track and field, gymnastics and swimming – and to be able to watch them in beautiful and multicultural Rio – there’s no doubt many of you will be glued to your TV this August.

Just remember to have your SURE Universal remote handy so you don’t miss your favorite event.

Over to you – which event are you looking forward to seeing this Olympics?

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