New Smart Tech Trends to Look Out For in 2017
11 Jan 2017

11 Jan 2017

New Smart Tech Trends to Look Out For in 2017

11 Jan 2017

What new and innovative ideas can we expect to see in 2017? Take a look at 5 new tech trends that are on the horizon this year!


We recently recapped the tech trends for 2016. One thing is for sure; the smart home industry has been steadily growing with new advancements and devices.

Our SURE Universal Remote app works alongside many of your smart home devices. From your lights to your air conditioner to even your media streamer and TV, making use of the SURE Universal is the first step to an easy-to-control smart home.

Where is smart home technology headed, how is the Internet of Things (IoT) involved and what do we have in store for this year? Let’s check out what the new tech trends are for 2017.

1. IoT and Smart Home Technology

There’s been a lot of talk about the IoT, and just recently there’s been some great headway being made. Up until now, the connectivity of smart home devices was practically non-existent.

Different devices from different manufacturers can’t easily communicate with each other, making it difficult to harmonize your smart home.

But not anymore. The big companies behind the Open Connectivity Foundation (OCF) made it a mission to unify IoT standards. This means manufacturers can now have access to open standards and certifications, enabling them to create devices that work together, seamlessly.

This is excellent news because it means many new smart home devices will be able to communicate with each other in a cohesive and synchronized way.

2. Everything is On-Demand

People are impatient nowadays. But that’s just because they are products of their own environment.

With Uber and apps that can bring you flowers or get your dry cleaning done at the touch of a button, the idea of using your phone for on-demand tasks is becoming more and more popular.

People are touting this as “Uber for everything,” and it’s only going to get bigger in 2017.

3. 3D Printing for Everyone

Ever watch Grey’s Anatomy? Season 10 showed the wonders of medical 3D printing. They showed printing a heart and showed viewers how prominent 3D technology is.

And now, it’s presumed to be available for anyone. By 2020, the market for 3D printers will be expected to rise to $20 billion.

3D printer companies are expected to launch devices with prices between $99-$149.

From making a new pair of glasses to coasters for your coffee drinks, the 3D printer will hopefully be a cool gadget for Christmas 2017!

4. From Smart Home to Smart Cities

Let’s look at the bigger picture of smart technology. Our population is growing rapidly. Since 1950, our population has grown by 5 billion. And it’s only going to keep growing, with predictions of a world population of over 9 billion by 2050!


And it’s the big, urban cities that are set to take the most abuse. This rapid urbanization becomes more challenging when there are more people involved.

The Smart Cities Market to 2017 report is calling for a movement to address these bigger problems by enlisting smart technology. This is called the Smart Cities movement.

Part of the solution is to increase:

  • Smart homes

  • Smart grids

  • Smart buildings

  • Smart transportation

  • Smart healthcare

  • Smart security

  • Smart industry automation

5. Smart Home Hubs

With LG announcing their intention to put WiFi into all new appliances this year, homes of the future are about to become a lot smarter. But, when every appliance in your house is smarter than the average bear, someone – or something – needs to be in charge.

Enter the smart home hub.

From Google’s recently announced Home device to Apple’s Home app in iOS10 and the Apple TV, to the popular Amazon Echo and Echo Dot, the big tech giants are already making a play to become the center of your home automation.

Expect Amazon, Apple and Google to continue improving their hub platforms in 2017, and look for more recognition of lesser-known players like Wink, and SmartThings by Samsung

Get Ready for 2017

On a day-to-day basis, technology often just creeps up on you and it might be difficult to see any real growth in smart technology. When you look deeper, however, you can see we’ve made some big strides already.

Now that the OCF is coming together to help connect devices, we predict the smart home movement will be adopted by the masses on a much larger scale.

Over to you – what smart home technology are you looking forward to in 2017?

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