4 Useful Internet of Things (IoT) Products for Your Pets
01 Mar 2016

01 Mar 2016

4 Useful Internet of Things (IoT) Products for Your Pets

01 Mar 2016

There’s no doubt the Internet of Things (IoT) and smart products are making waves this year.

From the smart mug Muggino that keeps the temperature of your drink just right to Phillips Hue lights that adjust to your light preferences, these products are all digitally connected, making them easy to control and monitor.

While the IoT was a key theme at last year’s CES event, there’s no doubt it will continue to make an impact in our everyday products.

And smart products aren’t just for people anymore; more and more companies are focusing on bringing the IoT to our pets’ accessories.

From collars to feeders, we’ve rounded up four useful IoT products for your pet. Let’s check them out.

1. Squeaker Buddy Dog Collar

The Squeaker Buddy dog collar is a fully integrated LED collar for your pet. It has built-in Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS technology.

This collar has it all! It’s easy to use; just put the collar on your pet and forget it about. The collar will start tracking your pet’s activity. So, if you are at work and want to know what your pet is doing, you can check up on them from your phone instantly.

The collar has a light sensor and when your pet steps outside in the dark, the collar lights up, keeping them visible and easy to find.

A neat feature is the built-in tracking. You can set up a geo fence on your phone by marking off an area of where you want your pet to stay. If they escape, you’ll be notified and you can track your pet’s movement in real time.

This product is still being funded, but pre-orders are available.

2. FitBark

The premise behind FitBark is that your dog is often your workout partner. You take them for your morning jog or bike with them on the weekend.

At FitBark, they believe, “fitness happens on both sides of the leash.”

This product attaches to your dog’s collar and monitors their sleep and activity level. The tracking turn into BarkPoints, giving you and Fido motivation to stay healthy and make better choices.

FitBark is sold for $69.99.

3. Whistle GPS Pet Tracker

Does your dog escape from the yard frequently?

Do you often wonder what they’re actually doing? Maybe they head to a dog-friend’s house or maybe to the nice lady up the street gives them treats.

Or, maybe your dog is just gallivanting around the neighborhood, strutting their stuff.

Whatever the case may be, with the Whistle GPS Pet Tracker – which attaches to your pet’s collar – you’ll know precisely where they are joy riding.

Whistle GPS Pet Tracker is available today for $59.95.

4. Petnet SmartFeeder

Life just gets in the way sometimes. Maybe you have to take your son to soccer practice or you might have to stay late at work and no one’s home to feed your pet.

With the Petnet SmartFeeder – an automatic pet food dispenser – you can use your iOS device to set up scheduled feedings, and even remotely release a one-off portion of food for your dog or cat.

The app also allows you to manage your pets’ portion sizes, nutritional requirements and to receive notifications of feedings. The company behind SmartFeeder offers to have food specifically selected for your pet’s size and breed delivered to your doorstep.

The Petnet SmartFeeder is available on Amazon for $149.

Do You Know What Your Pet is Doing?

Back in the day when your dog ran away, you had to knock on doors, drive your car around the neighborhood and go to your regular walking spots to try and locate your dog.

With the IoT, you don’t have to do that anymore. These smart pet products not only track where your pet is but also monitor their activity level or their eating and sleeping patterns, giving your insight into their health and well-being.

Because after all, your pet is your workout partner, your friend, and your TV buddy.

Over to you – do you have a pet? Which smart product would you use to keep your pet safe and healthy?

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