What is the First Step to Creating a Smart Home?
12 Apr 2017

12 Apr 2017

What is the First Step to Creating a Smart Home?

12 Apr 2017

Creating a Smart Home can seem like a daunting task, but once you learn how to take the first step you’ll wonder how you ever lived without one for so long.

Talk has definitely turned towards smart home technology in recent months. Everything from refrigerators to lighting now seems to be connected to the internet.

And recently, it was speculated that nearly 30 million households in the US alone were predicted to add smart technology to their home over the next year.

But the thought of turning your existing home into a smart home can often sound a bit overwhelming. You might have heard horror stories about the potential security issues in various smart devices.

Or maybe you have thought about creating a smart home, but were confused by the number of protocols used by smart devices. From Bluetooth to WiFi to ClearConnect to ZigBee, do you really have to be a tech wiz to get this all going?

The answer is no. Smart home technology brings a lot of benefits, and it doesn’t have to be complicated. Once you start using smart appliances, you’ll find they’re not all that different from the devices you’re used to.

A few weeks of freshly brewed coffee when you get out of bed, the perfect temperature in your home, and controlling your media center from your sofa will make you wonder how you lived without them.

Let’s find out what the first step is in creating a smart home.

Start with Something Small

You don’t want to overwhelm yourself with a million new things to learn at once. So, introduce something that you already use, but that doesn’t take long to implement.

Phillips Hue wireless lighting is an excellent first choice. You can change the mood of the room just by changing the settings of the lights. Our SURE Universal Remote app makes it easy to do it from your sofa.

But if you’d like something that provides more choice, try adding smart light switches or outlets to your home.

It’s a simple way to start building your smart home since smart outlets let you turn devices you already own, on and off. Use the SURE Universal Remote to toggle the electricity, or program appliances to turn on at specified times.

And with smart outlets, you never need to worry again about leaving appliances plugged in when you leave the house. That can give you valuable peace of mind.

Smart lighting and power outlets don’t sound as exciting as smart TVs or security systems, but they’re just as integral to the running of your home.

Slowly Upgrade Your Devices to Smart Devices

Decide what the priorities are for your home. Do you want easy living? Or an entertainment system that makes you the envy of your friends?

Once you’ve chosen a starting point, start upgrading what you already own with smart alternatives.

We’ve already talked about making life easier, so that could be as simple as introducing a smart thermostat alongside your smart switches and plugs.

You won’t have to spend time programming your heating system to come on at specified times. You can set it to warm up your house when you need it to.

But if entertainment is more important, then a 4K smart TV is an easy way to get started. Connect it up with your SURE Universal Remote app, and you can enjoy high-quality TV in your home.

Or consider a gadget like the Amazon Echo. You can start out by using its voice controls to scroll through your music playlists. How about listening to audiobooks while you bake or clean?

The Echo also lets you use it as a hub to control other devices using Alexa.

Include the SURE Universal Remote

You’ll need a simple way to control your new smart home technology. Our SURE Universal remote makes it easy to change your settings no matter where you are. From media streamers to webcams to air conditioners, to an ever-expanding range of the latest smart devices, we’ve got your covered.

In a lot of ways, downloading our app could be your first step towards creating a smart home!

Over to you – are you already on the smart home bandwagon? If not, what will your first step towards a smart home be?

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