2016: A Look Back at Technology Highlights
03 Jan 2017

03 Jan 2017

2016: A Look Back at Technology Highlights

03 Jan 2017

What happened in the Smart Tech world in 2016? Let’s take a look back on the past year and see how far technology has come.

Wow, 2016 is officially over!

I’m sure there are many of us who like to look back to see the progress and innovation that happened in technology over the past year.

Technology advances at a rapid pace, and every month there’s always something new or a new idea is being proposed. There are new smartphones, tablets and televisions being released all the time, but last year, Tekoia noticed that there was a lot of excitement from people wanting to create a smart home.

It goes without saying, but here at Tekoia we just love smart technology and in 2016 we saw many common household items and devices being equipped with that very technology. This made the adoption of smart devices in the home more commonplace and acceptable.

And it’s no wonder. Smart homes are safer and are more comfortable. It’s nice to come home to a warm (or cool) house that’s been vacuumed while you’ve been away – and to have your pet already fed – isn’t it?

Last year, there was a slew of smart home products and devices that made it to the big box stores, and there were some that were still in the planning stages. Let’s take a look at a few of the most notable categories.

1. Learning Based Thermostats

At the beginning of last year, learning based thermostats were just starting to gain traction. This was a new smart home adoption that is all about ease and being comfortable.

Smart thermometers learn your heating and cooling habits over time. Once it figures out the times you want your home hotter or cooler, the learning based thermometer sets your preferences, and you don’t have to manually configure them any longer.

It will automatically adjust the temperature throughout the day, and you can also program it to turn the heat on twenty minutes before you come home early from work, for example.

Last year we saw these new smart thermometers in big box stores like Home Depot. They even created a whole new section for their smart thermostats.

Learning Based Thermostats

Having one in your home isn’t unusual nowadays, and it’s becoming more and more mainstream in new higher-end construction.

2. Automated Locks

Smart locks are keyless and with Bluetooth technology, there’s no need to even use a code to unlock your door. With these features, along with being able to program a code to open a lock only on certain days or times (think of a housekeeper or the babysitter), smart locks are no longer the wave of the future; in 2016 they became a reality.

Automated Locks

Most automated door locks recognize when you are close to the lock and will unlock your door as you near it. And with customized codes, you can ensure that only the people you want inside will have access to your home.

And yes, Home Depot also has a section for smart door locks! More and more of us are adopting these devices to not only boost safety and convenience but also to save money.

3. Smart Lighting

One of the more exciting things that happened last year in the smart home tech front was smart lighting – specifically, the Philips Hue lighting. And last year, we also added the ability to control your Hue lighting from our SURE Universal Remote app.

These smart lights can adjust to your preferences and even your mood by using different colors.

4. SmartPlate

Last year, the SmartPlate was a new and up-and-coming idea. The premise: the SmartPlate can recognize and analyze your food to help you manage your weight and achieve your goals.

Use their app to take a picture of the food and SmartPlate analyzes it all within seconds.

In early, 2016 SmartPlate was just an idea. But now, it’s a product that you can order online and by February 2017, it should be available in major retail stores.


This is perfect timing for your New Year’s resolution goals.

Wrapping it Up

In 2016, technology made a lot of advancements, particularly in the smart home sector. From self-learning thermometers to automated door locks to lighting to fit your mood, to even a plate that manages your weight, we can see that last year there were a lot of great smart tech devices that came into popular use.

Of course, there were dozens (or even hundreds) more smart devices released last year, so why not let us know your favorite one from 2016?

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