7 Best Apps for a Smooth Valentine’s Day
01 Feb 2017

01 Feb 2017

7 Best Apps for a Smooth Valentine’s Day

01 Feb 2017

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching – have you figured out what you’re going to give that special someone in your life? These 7 apps will guarantee a smooth day!

This is the time of year to show a loved one how much you truly adore them. It’s also the perfect excuse to slow down, realize what’s important in life, and make it a point to spend some quality time with your wife, husband, or significant other.

Because many of us are busy with our careers – or we are busy parents running around catering to our children’s needs – we often have no time to even eat meals together with our partner, let alone make plans or go out on a date night.

So, be prepared for Valentine’s Day this year, and don’t let it spring up on you. Use these 7 apps for your Android phone to have a smooth-running day full of flowers, chocolate, and love.

1. OpenTable

Want to take your partner out to dinner on Valentine’s Day? Use the free Android app, OpenTable, to book your reservation or to discover a new restaurant.

There are over 32,000 restaurants in their database, and it’s easy to use. You can book your reservation instantly with this app, get special offers, and coordinate your plans with your family and friends by adding your bookings to your calendar.



2. Love & Romantic Photo Frames

Your photos are a lasting memory for you and your loved one. Why not jazz it up with some lovable photo frames?

This free Android app is easy to use, comes with stickers and a wide range of frames, and has amazing image effects to boost your images.

This makes for a great gift, or creates the perfect opportunity to take pictures and use this app to find some nice frames.

Love & Romantic


3. Valentine’s Day Special

Are you stumped on what to give your loved one for Valentine’s Day? Whether it’s for your wife, husband, child or another family member, this free Android app will help you figure out what to give.

This app gives you digital gifts like SMS messages, love poems, songs or pictures. It also gives you ideas like recipes, costume ideas for dressing up, Valentine’s Day movie ideas and more.

Valentine's Day Special


4. Tom’s Love Letters

Get a cute Valentine message from the famous Talking Tom and Talking Angela from the Talking Friends series.

Tom’s Love Letters is a free Android app that lets you send a customized message, with or without a catchy tune, via email or on social media.

The app has 19 romantic cards to choose from, four tunes, and animations of Tom and Angela.

Tom's Love Letters


5. Valentine Love Emojis

Valentine Love Emojis is the perfect app for Valentine’s Day. It’s a free Android app that gives you a lot of love emoijis, stickers, and emoticons.

If you aren’t with your loved one on Valentine’s Day, show your affection with these cute love emojis.

Valentine Love Emojis


6. Couplete – App for Couples

Couplete isn’t necessarily a Valentine’s Day app, but it’s a great app for couples. This free Android app makes every moment memorable. It creates a timeline based on you and your partner’s wishes and plans.

Make Valentine’s Day the first day you try this app out!

Couplete – App for Couples


7. Touchnote

Send a real, personalized postcard with Touchnote. Simply choose a photo, add some text, and Touchnote turns it into a postcard for your loved one. All cards include free worldwide delivery.

Give your mom, grandmother or your wife or husband a special delivery on Valentine’s Day.



Don’t Be Frazzled on Valentine’s Day

These seven apps will help you make your Valentine’s Day run smoother. From OpenTable to help you book your reservations early to Valentine’s Day Special where you can get oodles of gift ideas to give to your loved ones.

And if you’re loved one is far away, send a personalized postcard with Touchnote or send a text message and some love emojis with Valentine’s Love Emojis.

Tell us what your plans are for Valentine’s Day!


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