5 Tips to Help Your Child Get Ready for Back to School
23 Aug 2016

23 Aug 2016

5 Tips to Help Your Child Get Ready for Back to School

23 Aug 2016

These 5 tips will help any child get excited to head back to school and will have them ready for a successful year ahead.

August is coming to a close and do you know what that means? For millions of parents and kids, it’s time to start getting ready for back to school.

Whether it’s your child’s first day of school or not, switching from the rule-free days of summer to the rigid structure of school means, as a parent, it’s important to get your child ready for a successful year ahead.

From stocking up on clothing essentials to creating an educational space to even updating your child’s apps, these five tips will help any child get excited for the new school year.

1. Take a Clothes Inventory

Clothes Inventory

Children grow like weeds so right before school starts, inspect your child’s wardrobe and toss out any old, stained clothing, and sell or donate any clothes that are too small.

Have your child help you decide which clothes are good for the school year and make a list of some essentials like extra socks and underwear, an extra pair of jeans and sweater – and load up on mitts and hats for the winter if you live in a northern climate.

To encourage growing children to dress themselves, prepare some outfits, bundle them all up and place them in the bottom drawer of their dresser. That way, in the morning they can open the drawer and pick an outfit that’s already made for them.

2. Create a Backpack Station


Your child is going to bring home papers, forms, books and binders in their backpack when coming home from school.

Instead of having your child dump their backpack on the floor or in their room, only to have their papers inevitably get lost, why not create a space in your mudroom or landing for their backpack and school forms?

Have a designated hook for their backpack and a basket for paper right next to their shoes and jacket.

Everything is in its place and organized for the morning!

3. Create a Homework Area

Homework Area

Another thing you might want to do is create a special place for your child to do their homework. It can be a corner in their room, in the kitchen, or somewhere else quiet with a desk and chair.

You can stock cupboards or bins with school supplies so that your child won’t have to constantly ask you for things like scissors, glue or pencils.

4. Set a Routine


Let’s face it:

Summer is a time to relax, take a road trip and have fun. There’s no need for structure or a routine, right?

Well, August should be the time to start transitioning into a schedule. Set an alarm every morning so your child gets used to waking up at the same time each day – even on the weekends.

Meals should also occur during the same time each day. If your child is old enough, you can create a schedule with him or her helping you out

Designate time blocks for activities like watching a movie, playing outside, having a play date, or going to the library or park.

The point is to have a set schedule that your child follows so that they can get used to following a structure at school.

5. Update Your Child’s Phone Apps


If you’re a parent of an older child, I’m sure you installed some educational apps on their phone over the summer, as a way to make sure your children are still learning.

Now that school is coming up, you may want to take an inventory of your child’s phone. It’s the perfect time to remove old apps that are no longer suitable – and some of the games that surely snuck in there over the summer – and replace them with more functional and educational-focused apps.

For example, installing the free SURE Universal app can come in handy when your child comes home from school and you’re still at work. Instead of them calling you and asking you where the remote is, they can just use their SURE Universal app on their phone!

You might also want to wait until school starts to see if the teacher recommends any apps for your child.

The New School Year is Around the Corner

For parents with young children who are attending school for the very first time, preparing your child for the transition can be overwhelming. It will be a learning experience for you both.

But, for parents with older kids, remembering to set a routine and go through their wardrobe is important for success. And if you have a place for their backpack and for doing their homework, having your child come home from school won’t be as chaotic.

Finally, giving your older child the SURE Universal app will make your life easier since they won’t bug you about finding the lost remote anymore.

Over to you – what are you doing to get your child ready for the school year?

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