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SURE Universal Ltd. has developed a complete software solution for the smart home and IoT which allows all devices to be controlled from one integrated platform, making the smart home possible.

The solution includes the Software Universal Remote (SURE), the world’s top ranked, highest rated remote control which can be downloaded for free on any smartphone, SURE Cloud, a cloud based solution for device and user data, and SURE Thing – the smart appliance device server for IoT, allowing appliance vendors to turn everyday legacy home appliances into smart appliances efficiently and inexpensively. SURE is the only platform of its kind certified by the Open Connectivity Foundation (OCF), a consortium established by the largest home device and IoT corporations.

With the SURE platform, users can control all their digital media and smart home devices using legacy Infra-Red (IR) Wi-Fi communications as well as the leading IoT communication protocol. In fact, the SURE Universal Remote app has over 15 million downloads worldwide and the highest user ratings on Google Play.

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