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July 2016

25 Jul 2016

Top 4 Travel Apps for Your Summer Getaway

If you think being on vacation means putting everything on credit, think again. Check out these four travel apps for your next travel destination.

Even with summer in full swing now, it’s still not too late to take that last minute vacation you were thinking about.

With your road trip out of the way, maybe you’re thinking of going to a far away destination before you have to head back to the daily grind of work.

Whether you head up north for some majestic hikes and rich foods, or down south for some fun in the sun and great clubbing, there are a few essentials everyone should pack.

On the technical side of things, though, we’ve put together a list of handy apps that you might want to have on your phone when you’re out enjoying a brand new city.

Check out these top four travel apps to have when you travel to your next destination.

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19 Jul 2016

The Top Tech Gifts for the “Geek” in Your Life

Don’t know what to buy for the special “geek” in your life? We’ve picked out 5 tech gifts all under $50 that are sure to impress.

Oh no!

Next week is your brother’s birthday and you have no clue what he would like. You thought a rock climbing class would be something he’d enjoy when it was his birthday last year, but he never actually made it to any of the lessons.

You know that he loves technology. He never steps away from his smartphone and he always hangs out in the electronics aisle looking at all the new tech gear.

But, you’ve been avoiding these types of gifts because you have no clue what tech toy to choose.

If you’re unsure what to buy, here are some top gifts to give to the “geek” in your life whether it’s your brother, friend, co-worker, or just about anyone.

Oh, did we mention they are all under $50?

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12 Jul 2016

4 Unique Ways to Never Lose Your Remote Again

Going crazy always searching for the remote? Never lose your remote again with these 4 new and unique ways to keep track of it.

It’s happened again.

You’ve lost the TV remote and haven’t a clue where it could be. You’ve searched the couch cushions, the toy box, even the kitchen fridge, but no such luck.

This is the third time this week and you’re fed up. And it doesn’t help that you have a toddler and a dog running around taking things and hiding them.

You spend the next twenty minutes tearing your house apart until you finally find the remote, and vow never to lose it again.

Yet, that promise never sticks.

Until now. If you live in a family where the TV remote gets lost all the time, here at Tekoia we’ve found four unique ways so you never lose the remote again.

Pay special attention to number four; it’s the handiest and most unique option available right now.

So, let’s get to it.

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05 Jul 2016

The Best Apps for Kids this Summer

These entertaining apps for kids will keep your little ones happy and less bored this summer.

It’s official – school’s out for summer and you’re already hearing the whines, groans and incessant, “mom there’s nothing to do…I’m bored,” floating around the living room.

You’ve signed them up for summer activities but those don’t start for another two weeks – and they usually don’t last all summer. You’re still working, and your vacation won’t start until the end of the week.

When your children are old enough to stay home without a babysitter, you don’t want them bored all day, or to end up trolling for trouble around the neighborhood.

Of course you tell them to go outside and play, but we all know how that works with kids these days. So instead of having them plastered to their PlayStation, Xbox or TV for eight hours a day, why not try some educational and fun apps that will keep them happy and entertained?

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