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June 2016

28 Jun 2016

3 Reasons Why You’re Not Adopting IoT (And What to Do About It)

Does IoT seem very complicated to you? We’re going to break down the top reasons why users aren’t embracing it yet – and tell you why you should be!

Every year there seems to be a new thing in technology. Right now it’s IoT, or Internet of Things.

The Internet of Things signals connectivity between your appliances, making it easy to control your interconnected home devices with the push of a button.

According to Gartner, the IoT space will grow to 26 billion units by 2020. Based on this prediction, that’s a 30-fold increase from 900 million in 2009.

And with the SURE Universal Remote being the No.1 Universal Remote app for Android, we are working hard at integrating more IoT capabilities into our app.

But, for some people, this new wave of technology brings with it a bit of concern. They’re not quite adopting the whole Smart Home concept.

Let’s look at why that’s happening and ways to help people feel more comfortable with having technology run their home.

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22 Jun 2016

Tekoia’s SURE Universal Takes First Place at Asia Smartphone Apps Contest

Tekoia, the company behind the No. 1 Universal Remote app for Android, SURE Universal, has won both the Gold Award and the Grand Award at the prestigious Asia Smartphone Apps Contest in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong, June 22, 2016 – SURE Universal by Tekoia Ltd., the No.1 ranked and rated Universal Remote app for Android, has won both the overall Grand Award and the Gold Award in Advertising and Marketing at the prestigious Asia Smartphone Apps Contest 2016 in Hong Kong.

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21 Jun 2016

5 Bad Habits You Are Probably Committing With Your Smartphone

It’s time to brush up on your smartphone etiquette and see if you are guilty of any of these bad habits.

Everyone nowadays has a mobile phone. From tweens to grandparents, staying connected at all hours of the day is important in this modern age of technology.

And who doesn’t like the sleek designs top smartphone makers like HTC, Samsung or Apple are coming out with? We want these new phones, and we want them now.

Having our smartphone always near us has made us infatuated with these little devices, and we can’t seem to put them down. From cool apps like the SURE Universal to checking your social media profile, your phone holds a lot of important stuff.

And if you’re a Millennial – between the ages of 18-34 – you probably spend an average of 14.5 hours per week on your mobile device.

But, do you know you could actually be annoying people with some of your bad habits? If you use your phone in public – and who doesn’t – chances are you’re committing at least one of these five annoying smartphone faux pas.

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14 Jun 2016

5 Clever Android Features You May Not Have Tried Yet

Check out these 5 clever Android features you may not have tried yet.

Do you have an Android smartphone?

If you’re not an Android user and you’ve either been thinking about becoming one, or making the switch from iOS, you’re not alone. Up to 45% of iPhone users think that the Android platform is more advanced than their iPhone.

With a wide selection of different apps and a different mobile experience that’s far more customizable, Android comes out on top in many areas.

Nowadays your smartphone acts as your laptop, watch, camera and stereo, all in one. But here at Tekoia we found five additional things many Android phones can do that you may not realize – or that you may not have even considered!

Let’s check them out.

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06 Jun 2016

The Best Old Classic Movies To Watch During Summer Days

Feeling Nostalgic for the old good classic movies? If so, grab your popcorn, sit back and let’s bring up the good memories.

The kids are out of school and the weather is hotter than ever. Do you know what that means?

It’s the start of summer and Hollywood’s most explosive, action-packed movies we all love are coming to a theater near you.

But don’t forget about all those old classic blockbuster movies from summers past.

From heart-pounding scenes of dinosaurs in our living room, to speeding busses, these mega-blockbusters are the perfect companion – along with the SURE Universal app and your favorite snack – to a hot summer night.

And what’s best about these memorable movies is that the whole family can enjoy them, young and old.

So, get comfortable in your living room, sit back and enjoy the best five summer throwback classic movies for a good time.

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