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April 2016

26 Apr 2016

5 Simple Ways To Get In Shape For The Summer Season

Already got your fitness goals for summer? We found 5 Simple ways to get in shape with your smartphone!

Who couldn’t use a bit more exercise in his or her life? Unless you’re a true fitness enthusiast though, actually working out and staying healthy can often take a bit of help and motivation.

Even having those New Year’s resolution goals aren’t keeping you motivated either.

It’s all too easy to find an excuse to skip going the gym. Let’s be honest here. After a long day at work, would you rather drive to the gym and exercise, or sit on the couch, watch a few flicks and munch on a tasty snack?

Here at Tekoia, we like to think of a third option: get fit at home. With your mobile phone and apps like SURE Universal remote at your side, working out and staying healthy can actually be fun!

Here are 5 ways your smartphone can make home fitness a bit more exciting.

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19 Apr 2016

5 Best Android Apps For a Stress-Free Life

We Found 5 Best Android Apps That Could Change Your Life!

It’s already four months into 2016. How are your New Year’s resolutions going?

Maybe you set out to lose weight or cut your screen time in half, or make an effort to drink tea rather than coffee.

But, a month into the new year you started to slip, and by April you were back to your same old habits.

If this sounds like you, maybe an app can help you change things around. We don’t mean a task management app or a to-do app, but something a little bit different.

These life-changing apps we found will help you stick to a plan and lead a more stress-free life.

Want to know what they are?

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05 Apr 2016

Five Best Movie Trilogies and Series to Binge Watch

We Found the Best Movie Trilogies to Help You Relax!

Had a tough week at work?

Is the boss breathing down your neck and you can’t seem to escape all the gossip happening in your department?

When this happens, I’m sure all you’re thinking is, when is it time to go home?

And sometimes all you want to do is get in your comfy chair, grab your SURE Universal remote and start binge watching.

You deserve it, right?

Working long hours and having little time to yourself, you decide to take the weekend and have fun watching some oldie but good movies.

But, these aren’t just any movies. These are trilogies or movie series. Packed with action, fighting, drama and suspense, these top binge watching movies will help you forget about the hectic week you just had.

Grab your popcorn and favorite drink, and let’s get ready to watch some of the best movie trilogies.

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