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December 2015

29 Dec 2015

3 Anticipated Smart Home Trends for 2016

A new year is looming and for 2016, big changes are occurring in the technology industry that will be life changing.

And part of this includes smart home technological advances. Making homes “smart” is not a foreign concept anymore. It’s becoming a growing trend, especially among Millennials.

With the top concerns for 2016 being energy consumption and saving money, smart homes can help lead the way. Using home automation can save you up to 1/3 on your current energy bill with many money saving devices too.

Let’s look at what a smart home really is and anticipated trends – and how the SURE Universal is part of this.

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23 Dec 2015

6 Most Popular Movies to Watch During the Holidays

Ready to kick up your feet, grab your SURE Universal and watch some movies?

It’s a great time to stay inside all warm and cozy with on demand shows, your TV or Blu-Ray discs to keep you company.

Whether you’re itching to watch a belly laughing movie or a tear-felt drama, here at Tekoia, we’ve got you covered.

So find some good snacks, a comfortable place to sit and binge watch some oldie, but goodie movies.

Here are the top six holiday movies you can watch with your loved ones.

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22 Dec 2015

Popular Android Universal Remote App SURE Universal Launches New Version

After 3 million downloads, smartphone and tablet users can now take control of their digital media, air conditioning and smart lighting plus personalize a remote using the new custom remote panel

San Francisco, US. 22th December 2015 Tekoia, provider of award winning smartphone universal remote solutions for digital media, home automation and the Internet of Things (IoT) today launches its new version which offers a custom remote panel for saving favorite buttons and commands. The upgrade also supports tablets and Philips Hue smart lights.

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20 Dec 2015

SURE Universal Remote App Announces Some New Cool Features

We are very happy to announce a new app version with some very cool features. Try them out and send us feedback.

Tablet Support

Many of our customers have requested a tablet version of our app, and when so many customers request a feature we do our best to answer their request. So if you have a tablet with an IR blaster now is the time to download the app from Google Play and take control of your devices from your tablet.

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15 Dec 2015

Lifesaving Apps to Keep You Sane During the Holidays

What joy!

The cold has come, you hear “Jingle Bells” playing everywhere you go, and your grandmother is texting you – of all people – wondering if you have anti-fungal cream for her stay in a week.

Yes, the holidays are approaching and in addition to your job piling on the work, your home life is no longer a refuge. Your children are getting antsy wondering if they’re going to get those cool mini drones to fly around.

And you’re stressed out because your house is a mess and your grandmother and your cousin’s family are all staying with you over the holidays.

And you haven’t even had the chance to go shopping or stock up the pantry for the extra mouths to feed.

For this festive occasion, instead of being a total wreck, why not load up on some lifesaving apps to calm you during the holidays?

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08 Dec 2015

4 Signs You’re Suffering from Mobile App Burnout

Are you like a kid in a candy store when it comes to downloading apps?

The Google Play Store is an app-lover’s paradise. With over one million applications now available, there’s bound to be an app for any person of any age or interest.

What was once a novel experience, apps are now commonplace on everyone’s phones. According to a Neilson study, there’s an upper limit – around 26 – to how many apps a typical person will use in any given month.

But that doesn’t stop users from downloading more and more apps each week. Most people have hundreds and hundreds of apps on their phone. And this all leads to app burnout.

App burnout happens when there are too many apps to choose from and you end up paralyzed, unable to make a choice.

But, how do you know if you’re heading for app burnout? Here are four signs you may be suffering from app burnout without realizing it.

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01 Dec 2015

How to Modify a System on Your Universal Remote Control App

Are you having fun playing with your SURE Universal app?

Hopefully you’re no longer stressing over finding a lost remote control. Have you done any pranks on your friends yet?

We recently wrote about a neat feature where you can group multiple devices together with one press of the SURE Universal remote. It’s such a handy, time saving feature and the feedback we’ve been getting about it has all been positive.

When you group multiple devices together in the SURE Universal app, we call that creating a “system.” Once you’ve got things all set up, you might be wondering why you would need to modify your system in the first place.

Let’s look at four reasons.

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