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November 2015

24 Nov 2015

3 Reasons to Ditch Your Remote Controls for Good

Do you sometimes feel you have too many remotes lying around the house?

It’s enough to drive you crazy – trying to find the right remote control for the right device.

There’s your PlayStation remote and your Roomba remote. You may even have an Apple (or other streaming media device) remote as well as a DVR remote and a TV remote.

It seems the more technologically advanced we become, the more remotes we end up accumulating. And there are even remotes for devices that probably don’t really need a remote like a dehumidifier or a motherboard for your computer. Odd isn’t it?

You may not even realize how many remotes you really have – we bet there are still remotes you never took out of the plastic – but it’s safe to say it’s probably one too many.

Let’s look at three reasons to say goodbye to your remote controls for good.

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17 Nov 2015

10 Easy Ways to Convince Your Mate to Watch Your TV Show

Here’s 10 Easy Ways to Convince Your Mate Your Show is Better

It’s Wednesday night.

You just came home from a grueling day at work and all you want to do is kick off your shoes, grab a drink and watch your favorite show, Empire.

But, you’re mate wants to watch his favorite show Law & Order: SVU.

You only have one TV, or you have more than one but you enjoy spending the evening with your partner, but not if it means watching something you don’t like.

How do you convince your mate to watch what you want to watch? This isn’t an uncommon question for many couples.

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10 Nov 2015

How To Group Multiple Devices Together On Your Universal Remote App

One of the neat features in the SURE Universal remote app is the ability to group multiple devices and appliances under one system.

So if you AREN’T already using this feature let’s first discuss a few reasons why you would want to group multiple devices together, and if you ARE using this feature maybe we can give you some new ideas how to use it.

1. You Can Turn Devices On  And Off With One Click

The System feature in the app allows you to operate multiple devices at the same time which means you can turn on your set top box or cable at the same time as your TV. Similarly, you can turn on your sound bar together with your TV. You can add as many devices you like to the same System.

Once you have setup a System it means you don’t have to jump around the app looking for the different devices that you normally use together. Just find the System. Point your smartphone at the devices and with one tap you will turn all the devices in the system on or off.

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03 Nov 2015

7 Original and New Netflix Shows to Watch Right Now

Netflix’s live streaming content is quickly becoming the main way people are watching TV.

With binge watching the norm for Millennials, Netflix has risen to the demand by pumping out new originals this year.

Netflix reports they have around 36 new original shows streaming – between its new arrivals and recurring ones.

If you’re stuck watching the same old shows you’ve been watching for awhile, why not take a step out of your comfort zone, grab your SURE Universal remote and check out what’s new and hot over on Netflix.

Here are 7 top original shows on Netflix to keep your eye on.

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