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September 2015

22 Sep 2015

How to Test if Your Remote Control or Smartphone IR Blaster is Working

How many times has your remote control stopped working?

You don’t know if there is something wrong with the remote, the TV or you just need new batteries?

You basically have 2 options:

1. Find some new batteries and try them out in the remote (you may need to “borrow” them from another remote in the house)
2. Go and buy some batteries (cos you never have them when you most need them)

However, if you’re curious if your remote control is working properly before you search for replacement batteries – there’s a quick test you can do.

And it’s a pretty cool trick.

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16 Sep 2015

How Sharing Photos Has Moved From Photo Albums to Photo Streaming

Technology has changed radically in the past few decades. And there’s no better representation than with the photos you take and save

Since digital photography is a huge industry, and the thought of not taking a selfie seems like a foreign concept, how did people before the invention of smartphones and the Internet share their photos?

Where did they display them or save them?

Displaying and saving your photos has changed drastically from the previous generation to the present day.

Here at Tekoia we like to look at how technology has changed. Whether it’s how appliances have changed or how the remote control became popular, we love to learn about how technology has improved over our lifespan.

Let’s take a crash course on the history of displaying – and saving – photos over the decades.

Remember Those Family Portraits?

If you were an 80’s child living in the US, then you can probably remember how every year you were dragged to Sears to take a family portrait. If you live in a different country you may have a local store or photographer who took your family portrait.

It wasn’t by any means something you look fondly back on – skin blemishes, unsightly 80’s style perms, or all the polyester – but you can appreciate the simplicity of it all.

Those portraits hung on your wall throughout your childhood. Good ol’ times eh?

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09 Sep 2015

SURE Universal: The No.1 Ranked and Top-Rated Android Universal Remote With Its Sights Set On The $600 Billion Internet of Things Market

After 1.5m+ downloads, SURE Universal launches new air conditioning control capabilities

London, UK. 9th September 2015 – Tekoia, the provider of smart universal remote solutions for digital media, home automation and the Internet of Things (IoT) today unveils a new feature to allow people to control air conditioning units using SURE Universal. Established as the number one ranked and top-rated smartphone universal remote available on Google Play, SURE Universal is now aiming to make a bigger impact on the fast growing IoT market.

According to Business Insider, IoT industry is expected to be worth $600 billion per year by 2020, with 80% of revenue coming from software and services. By 2016 IoT is forecast to surpass the combined smartphone, tablet and PC markets.

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08 Sep 2015

The Best Universal Remote App for Android

Last week at Tekoia was definitely a very exciting week

Due to the feedback we received, and popularity of our #TrashTheRemote campaign which aimed to create awareness and reduce batteries in landfills, we decided to extend the campaign for an additional week. It will now end on 13th September, 2015, plus we also released a new version of the SURE Universal Remote app. Within hours of the release we saw how much our customers are loving this new version.

Here is just a sample of the reviews we have been seeing on Google Play: best universal remote app for Android

Users are finding our app easy to use, and that it works like a charm on their appliances and devices and can even be used as a good ol’ prank on your family.

So, why did we “mess” with a good thing? Well, because we continue to listen to our users and give them what they want.

So, let’s look at four new updates for the SURE Universal remote.

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01 Sep 2015

3 Incredible Ways Remote Control Animals Could Save Your Life

Imagine walking down a busy street and an earthquake hits. You’re covered in rubble and unable to move.

Firefighters are unable to help due to the instability of the terrain. But don’t worry – a clever little remote control animal is coming to your rescue.

Scientists are finding ways to use animals – some alive – to help save lives. Tekoia can never pass up a good story where remote control devices are the heroes.

Let’s look at why scientists are exploring remote control animals and see what progress they have made.

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